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the saturday six


December 26, 2015 // 5 Comments

  Have no fear, because in between seeing Star Wars and setting up Grinch traps, our staff this holiday week has not forsaken the vast frozen tundra of the world wide interweb. Social Saturdays is the feature where we find out what the Long Awkward Pause staff members are Tweeting, Facebooking, Instragraming, MySpacing, Ebaying, [Click For More]


December 19, 2015 // 2 Comments

  There may have been a tiny little bit of Star Wars talk from the Long Awkward Pause staff this past week…. We’ll start off with a few of the many examples of the Force strong within our staffers and then jump back into the non Star Wars related tweeting fodder they normally scream into the void. Not that that’s important [Click For More]


December 5, 2015 // 4 Comments

It’s a double issue of Social Saturdays! We took the Thanksgiving holiday off here at Long Awkward Pause, but social media never sleeps and our writers didn’t stop posting, tweeting, or snapchatting – even with two hands in the mashed potatoes and a mouth full of turkey. You’re probably following most of them and clicking like [Click For More]


November 21, 2015 // 3 Comments

It’s time for another installment of: Social Saturdays! Social Saturdays is the feature where we find out what the Long Awkward Pause staff members are Tweeting, Facebooking, Instragraming, MySpacing, Ebaying, Snapchatting, or Emailing lately. Hell, I think one of us is still on Friendster. You’re probably following most of them [Click For More]


November 14, 2015 // 6 Comments

Welcome to another installment of: Social Saturdays! This is where we find out what the staff members of Long Awkward Pause are Tweeting, Facebooking, Instragraming, MySpacing, Ebaying, or Emailing lately. But not Google+ …because Google+ is like a Scooby Doo ghost town. Even our crazies don’t go there anymore. You are probably following [Click For More]

The Saturday Six: Popular Brand Slogans Revised

June 21, 2014 // 23 Comments

Before the advent of marketing, there was a time when people lived in grass huts and ate acorns for breakfast.  It was a much simpler time back then, because people didn’t have to stand in line on Black Friday to buy TVs to watch Kim Kardashian. Instead, they drew pictures of her on rocks with sticks covered in animal dung. Nowadays [Click For More]

The Saturday Six: Photoshopping Sad Batman

May 17, 2014 // 39 Comments

   It was announced that Ben Affleck was going to play Batman in the new movie: Batman vs. Superman. And the internet imploded…Rubix’s Cubes solved themselves…Zebras and Lions started dinning together…fruit cakes started selling in droves… No one wanted Ben Affleck to play Batman. Why? I don’t know. Ben can do [Click For More]

The Saturday Six: Weird Pictures

May 3, 2014 // 68 Comments

A parable: Once upon a time there lived a Fox. A very well spoken, very educated Fox. A Fox that enjoyed the finer things in life, like expensive wine, fast cars, barbecued turkey legs, and the opera. One day as the Fox was leaving for work in his 2014 Maserati Granturismo, he noticed that his neighbor, Black Bear was sitting on his porch step [Click For More]

The Saturday Six: Making Tough Brand Choices

April 26, 2014 // 47 Comments

We like choices. However, choices sometimes divide us as a nation, a culture, and a people. That can be good or that can be very, very  bad.  But that’s ok, as long as we keep it friendly, right? There is no reason that Ford people can’t get along with Chevy people right? Think about it…essentially when it comes down  to the [Click For More]

The Saturday Six: Funny Pickup Line Memes

April 19, 2014 // 30 Comments

How to pick up woman throughout the ages: A brief look: (For the sake of one single solitary joke) Caveman: With A Club 1970s: At A Club Today, online is the place to meet people, which is good and fine, but loses the art of the pickup line. That is a shame, because men have been working on the pickup line ever since they realized that their [Click For More]

The Saturday Six: The Truth Behind Job Titles

April 12, 2014 // 35 Comments

  So… You are sitting there in your cubicle, and John the Vice President of Social Advertising Media and Sales has walked by you five times now. The last time he walked by, he was wiping jelly doughnut from his tie with a single square of toilet paper. He now sits in his glass walled private office, which you can also see clearly from your [Click For More]

The Saturday Six: Dear…Sincerely

February 15, 2014 // 70 Comments

Before the internet, the age of stationery ruled. *Cue nerd in a Game of Thrones costume: “AND it was a GLORIOUS age!”* What is stationery you ask? Well, in the olden days (we’re talking like, sometime between when Jesus walked the Earth and 1983) most people relied on Number 2 pencils and neatly cut squares of paper called [Click For More]