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The Saturday Six: Animal Photo Bombs

June 14, 2014 // 57 Comments

 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The world is divided up into two categories: Animal Lovers and Animal Haters. The Animal Lovers enjoy all sorts of living creatures. They like the furry ones. They like the slimy ones. They like them in the yard, they like them in the car. [Click For More]

Surviving In Australia

February 25, 2014 // 60 Comments

Dearest friends (and enemies – I love you too), Were you aware that the average life expectancy in Australia is just 27 (for men) and 28 (for women)? And do you know why? Why, it’s because of this picture which you should click on if you want to make it bigger: Wherever you turn, something in Australia is out to kill you – [Click For More]