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One Of The Hosts Of Podcast 42. Voice over actor, writer on various websites, published author, should not eat cheese but still does. Follow me on twitter: @chrisdevoss Follow the show on twitter at @podcast42show

Anatomy Of A Picture Prompt

October 10, 2013 // 25 Comments

The Picture Prompt. A staple of bloggers everywhere. For non-bloggers the concept is easy: Take a picture, any picture, of anything.  Write about it. Types of Picture Prompts you could write: A Story An Epic Poem Like The Illad A Hundred Word Story A Song An Essay A Novella A List Side Note: I don’t understand the hundred word story. Is it [Click For More]

Coffee – A Short Musical

September 4, 2013 // 39 Comments

Curtain opens to a minimalist setting. A man dressed in a three piece suit sits at a table sipping a cup of coffee. His name is Ralph. Ralph: (Calling off stage) Honey…Honey I’m out of coffee. Can you brew some more? (pause) Honey? Lucy: (From off stage) Ralph! That’s your seventh cup already! Do you really want more?! Ralph: [Click For More]

Contest! Win A Long Awkward Pause Writer For A Week!

August 26, 2013 // 46 Comments

Announcing the Long Awkward Pause 2013 Contest! Win A Long Awkward Pause Writer For A Week! That’s right! Announcing the first Long Awkward Pause Contest where you could win a staff writer living with you for one whole week! Choose from Justin, Rants, Monk Monkey, Chris, Mike, Chowderhead, Owamwarisan, or Cordelia. If you win some of [Click For More]

Meet Howard Gantz, Manager

August 23, 2013 // 29 Comments

Hello, Howard Gantz, Manager here. In case you don’t who I am, I’m the manager of Long Awkward Pause. A hard but rewarding job that I do with pride every single day, except Sundays. Sundays are mine. Anyway, we get a lot of emails here at L.A.P…. A lot…. And I thought while the guys are busy preparing for September’s [Click For More]

L.A.P. Banned In China

August 19, 2013 // 59 Comments

This has been reprinted with permission from the online version of the Ohio Llama Sun Gazette:  Super Blogging Group Long Awkward Pause Has Been Banned In China reported by Jerry Wentworth It was just announced today by officials representing the People’s Republic of China that the super blogging group, Long Awkward Pause, will not be [Click For More]

The Incredible Edible Twinkie

August 6, 2013 // 64 Comments

(Read these first two lines in a David Bowie voice, like at the start of the song: Modern Love) I didn’t care that the Twinkie went away. I didn’t care that the Twinkie came back. —– I’m not oppose to the Twinkie, although I think Peanut Butter Crunch Bars are much, much better. In the movie Zombieland, Woody [Click For More]

Topic Number Uno: Twinkies

August 1, 2013 // 25 Comments

Welcome fellow Lappers! Gheesh! That doesn’t sound right. Some other blogs have cute nicknames for their readers, so…you know…we thought we would do the same…but nothing is really working. Some examples: 1) Awkwardphites 2) Lap Dancers 3) The ‘Ward 4) Long Awkward Pause Readers Never mind, forget all that and welcome. [Click For More]

Reported Member of LAP in Rehab

July 29, 2013 // 35 Comments

This was reported by, a rumor blog. Although it is ugly and untrue, we at Long Awkward Pause have decided to reprint the article in a stance of solidarity and empowerment…that and we are pretty sure you are sick of the reblogs. LAP would also like to release this statement: The article below is false and untrue. The members of LAP [Click For More]