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  Have no fear, because in between seeing Star Wars and setting up Grinch traps, our staff this holiday week has not forsaken the vast frozen tundra of the world wide interweb. Social Saturdays is the feature where we find out what the Long Awkward Pause staff members are Tweeting, Facebooking, Instragraming, MySpacing, Ebaying, Snapchatting, or Emailing while you're out living a real life and having a real job. You’re probably following most of them and clicking like or fav or heart or whatever it is now anyway…and if you’re not, you should…but here is one handy dandy place to find a week’s worth of stupidity in one mighty scroll downwards.


Katie Hoffman


katie so close


katie too late nice


katie gold rings


katie adulthood


katie presents trim


katie curly hair awesome



List of X


list of x star wars


list of x bombing





brainrants needs a moment




Jaclyn Ashley


jaclyn star booze


jaclyn women funny


jaclyn period



Ned Hickson


ned rudolph




Joe Jewett


Joe pastor bates



Gunmetal Geisha


gunmetal cold in la


gunmetal coffee or wine






blogdramedy betty



blogdramedy oldsmobile

Christopher De Voss




Jack DeVoss


jack star wars feels


jack elf miracle


jack gold bond


jack eggnog thoughts


jack apple micro


jack vader log






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About Jack DeVoss (77 Articles)
Jackson Holden Solo DeVoss learned how to write poems from an old blind man he met while incarcerated in a Madagascan prison for crime he did not commit. After serving three long hard years, Solo was finally paroled when a wealthly lady friend paid the ransom for his release. Solo then traveled to a Shaolin monastery located high in the mountains of Myanmar; where he learned the mastery of many mystical and ancient arts from the Head Abbot, a crippled monk named Brother Lars who quoted Oscar Wilde too often. Two years later, Brother Lars and most of the other monks were killed - during an attack that was carried out under the cover of a horrendous snowstorm by ninja assassins of the Dark Hand Cult. Solo and a few others escaped, but the monastery was burnt to the ground. After slumming around Southeast Asia for five years, Solo migrated back to his home in the United States - where he became a vigilante crimefighter, fighting against the nefarious schemes of the Dark Hand Cult and its ninja assassins. He also published his first book, 'Names For Boys And Girls' and a collection of poems entitled 'Columbus Lost Another Genius'. Solo now lives in an abandoned church in Columbus, Ohio where he writes freelance, fights crime, and has a major drinking problem.


  1. Xanax… did someone say xanax? Yes please.

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  2. *hiccup*

    All the gifts from my fellow staff had screw caps.

    I love you guys!

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  3. Sorry if I was cranky at the staff party. Jack started playing Dean Martin’s “Rudy the Red-nosed Reindeer” again…

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