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South Sobian Tinder

There is a small country located just south of Siberia called South Sobia. It's small. It's poor, but its people are proud. They work hard. They are mostly farmers and bar keeps. In fact, there are almost as many farmers as there are bar keeps. Weird. In the middle of South Sobia is where the library is located, and in the library is where you can find the one iPhone 2s that all the townspeople share. Just recently, thanks to a kickstarter campaign, Tinder was able to bring their app backwards compatible to accommodate the people of South Sobia. Thus allowing them to be thrust into the wonderful world of online profile dating. Never mind the fact that the village is only 5 km long from farm to tavern, and it would probably be easier to just step outside their houses and look down the street...but this is technology!

We, at Long Awkward Pause, through a mutual fourth party contact where able to acquire some of the South Sobian Tinder profiles, and would like to share three potential matches to anyone seeking romance and adventure from a country whose average temperature is roughly 15 below zero.





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14 Comments on South Sobian Tinder

  1. I wonder which lucky guy (?) Ahha will choose.

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  2. Kitty biscuits apparently mean something different in Sobia…

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  3. So, so funny!
    If I HAD to choose I would go with bachelor number one because he can coordinate his wardrobe, brings flowers, loves animals and seriously what girl doesn’t want an endless supply of bubble wrap!!!!! 🙂

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  4. My hot water bottle looks really good right about now. If I fill it with vodka, even better.

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