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Social Saturdays Volume One

First there was the Saturday Six....and people liked it. And it went on for a year or so. And then the themes starting drying up and the numbers starting dropping, but generally people still liked it. But we at the Pause decided to pull it. We got emails. "Where is the Saturday Six?! There is nothing good on Saturdays! I'm going to shave your cat if you don't bring it back!" Well, there are a lot of sites that just do pictures and we wanted to do something different. So we tried: This Week On Earth, which was a lot of work...a lot of work! A lot. And no one read it. Well, three people read it. And the emails kept coming, "Are you guys bringing back The Saturday Six? You guys suck, by the way, there is a shaved cat waiting for you on your desk." So we decided to try to fill the Saturday void once again with something new. Welcome to the very first installment of:

Social Saturdays!

This is where we find out what the staff members of Long Awkward Pause are Tweeting, Facebooking, Instragraming, MySpacing, Ebaying, Emailing, Midget Porning, and whatever else they maybe doing instead of writing articles. You are probably following most of them anyway...and if you're not, you should...but here is one handy dandy place to find a week's worth of stupidity in one neatly, double spaced, Arial fonted page.

Ned Hickson:




Jack DeVoss




Joe Jewett



Christopher De Voss






Adam Sendek

Space LAP

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20 Comments on Social Saturdays Volume One

  1. A good thing is always worth repeating.

    — quote by Blogdramedy

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  2. Good to see something funny come back to this space!

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  3. Ha. I was one of three, or I was no one. Since I don’t have any of these social sites, it will be interesting to see what you say. Thank you for bringing LAP funny back to Saturday…and Happy Saturday!

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  4. It’s alright, but seriously, Saturday Six was good stuff.

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  5. I like Ned’s retort to his son’s driving. I’ll have to remember that one with my husband

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  6. Looks like we have a winner. Now I have to think of witty shit for twitter… schwitter material.

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  7. Coffeemate for your coffee Chris, oh dear. You seriously need intervention. I could accept milk, ya know that 2% kind Canadian kind in a bag, but Coffeemate, no.

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  8. Oh for goodness sakes, you’re like my middle child, she has some sort of coconut-vanilla concotion in the fridge that I don’t go near. Are you a middle child?

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