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The Sisterwives Mistakenly Interview Us

There is a group of powerful women writers who have collected together and formed the website: The Sisterwives.



Should it be whom have collected? I don't know. The grammar police will email me soon. They always do. I probably should have paid more attention in English class, but alas I have always run away from the thought of putting words on paper for a living...or in this modern age, making letters appear from behind a blinking line.
If you are a woman traveling on this little interweb thing, you probably already know about this site, but if you happened to have missed it because you have done nothing but search for cat memes and the latest ways to fry things that shouldn't be fried, then check out The Sisterwives. Yes, we know you looked up how to batter and fry Lucky Charms....



Admit it…

They were so un-magically delicious weren’t they?

Be honest.

You choked them down with a glass of Yoo-hoo anyway. You sick puppy.

Back to The Sisterwives

They tackle subjects like love and loss; mental illness and addiction; struggles with pregnancy and motherhood, rape and abuse.

(I copied that straight from their website, that’s why all that fancy punctuation is correctly used in that sentence.)

We, at Long Awkward Pause, tackle subjects like; clear macaroni, muppet divorces, Star Wars, and debate if Deez Nuts should be President of these United States.

Which he most certainly should!

So when Mandi from the Sisterwives asked us to be part of her question and answer segment called; the Man(di) Cave, our first thought was:

Thank you! That’s really cool!

Our second thought was:

How many Sisterwives do you think we could fit in the office hot tub?

Our third thought was:

We should buy an office hot tub.

Mandi needed three volunteers for her segment. Katie, Jaclyn, and GG were out because they didn’t have the right man parts. The rest of the office had an American Ninja Warrior type competition to see who would get to participate in the Man(di) Cave.



Well, none of us were in great physical shape, and Rants carries a machine gun everywhere so he was picked first. The rest of the guys played Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock and since only Jack and Oma knew all the rules, they won.



Check out our interview on The Sisterwives as Jack, Rants, and Oma answer such questions as: How do you avoid sitting on your balls?

Then subscribe to The Sisterwives for more incredible and moving reads and feels.

Then check out our kickstarter campaign for an office hot tub.

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23 Comments on The Sisterwives Mistakenly Interview Us

  1. An offfice hot tub would be so much better than all of us cramming into the office bathtub. Plus, when you drink, you get a little handsy according to Rants.

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  2. How many LAP’S does it take to… nevermind. This was really sweet 🙂

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  3. The machine gun is effective at many things. Notice I start oiling it whenever Howard walks around taking donations for the ‘coffee fund’?

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  4. Awesome Juice!!! 🙂

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  5. Honestly, I was going to show up at the office that day, but when I was by the door, I heard something that sounded like machine gun fire, and I remembered that I had a very urgent appointment somewhere else in the opposite direction for something very urgently important.

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  6. This is why I love hot tubs. Full of cute guys who conceal carry their weapons. *grin*

    And here I am without my swimsuit.

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