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Who Doesn’t Want To Date A Droid?

Her: "Are you ready for our big date tonight? Him: "Getting there...what are you going to wear?" Her: "I'm going to try something new. Cover Girl just came out with this interesting line of makeup. I'm going to give it a shot." Him: "Oh yeah?" Her: "Yes! I really think you're going to like it!" Him: "I'm sure I will. What is it?" Her: " know how your favorite movie is Star Wars? Except Phantom Menace (of course)?" Him: "(of course) Yes..." Her: "Well...sit right there...I'll be right back..."




She comes down the stairs, a vision in gold. Her dress(?) sparkles and catches the light from the chandelier and immediately blinds you. You put your hand over your brow and try to focus on what she is wearing.

You don’t know what she is wearing!

So instead you look at her hair…her gold hair. Its pulled back and sprayed into a golden sideways-hawk. (which is like a Mohawk on it’s side.) Her lips are the golden shade of gold, as well as her eyelids, cheek bones, and quite possibly the tip of her ear lobes. Covering her fingers is ordinate golden finger rings spiraled from knuckle to golden tip.

Her: “What do you think?”


Her: “Well…you know how your favorite movie is Star Wars? Except Phantom Menace (of course)?”

Him: “(of course) Yes…”

Her: “Well…sit right there…I’ll be right back…”

Him: “Oh…my…god!”

Her: *smiles*

Him: “What on god’s green earth made you ever think I would want to date C3P0?!”




FYI: This is a true story. The makeup is real.

Because having a beloved movie franchise isn’t enough, you must market, market, market…





Him: “Why couldn’t you have tried for the slave Princess Leia look instead?!”






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18 Comments on Who Doesn’t Want To Date A Droid?

  1. It could have been worse. Joan Rivers could have shown up. (See the movie Spaceballs to understand “obscure movie reference”)

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  2. Hilarious, Christopher! Especially the sideways-hawk lol

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  3. This opened my day with laughter. If you put your hair I’m a side hawk, we need pics. I don’t date at all.

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  4. So this unfortunate dude needs to switch to Trekkies. Because Green Orion Slave Girls.


  5. NotAPunkRocker // August 17, 2015 at 8:58 am //

    I admit, I am going to be a total sucker for the Star Wars makeup when it comes out. Marketing win for them, even if it makes no damn sense. And I’ve given up on dating again, so no thanks to the droids or otherwise.

    This posts reminds me of an older Cyanide & Happiness comic; google them and Jabba the Hutt for the actual image 😀

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  6. I’m curious to know where they were going!

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