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LAP TV Presents: The Nedinator


First Came The Trailer That Got Everyone Talking:

And Then A Second Trailer Was Released…

And The Internet Almost Shut Down With Excitement:

Then Finally…

After Days of Waiting…

Which Seemed Like Eternity…





The Biggest Six Minute And Forty-Eight Second Summer Blockbuster Ever Produced On A Camera Phone…

Watch The Full Movie:

Terminator: Nedisys

Special Bonus

Only For LAP TV Subscribers

A Behind the Scenes Look

With The Star Of

Terminator: Nedisys



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16 Comments on LAP TV Presents: The Nedinator

  1. Now if I had known ahead of time you needed a Canadian for your film, I would have time traveled down to the Siuslaw News office, (well I would have sent you a picture at least) so you would not have had to use poor Justine Bieber …. again. 🙂

    Side Note: I can’t believe I watched all of it.

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  2. When does the Nedisys merch come out? I want a stick-on Nedinator goatee.

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  3. Doesn’t the guy with the gun do Discount Mattress commercials?

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  4. Still laughing!!!! 😀

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  5. I gotta ask… Sean Connor in the credits… Any relation to Sarah Connor?

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