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LAP TV: Featuring Gunmetal Geisha And Ned Hickson

You never know where a correspondent of LAP is going to show up!

Such is the case with Gunmetal Geisha and Ned Hickson.

They both can be found directing this month! (Not directing the month...directing in the know what we mean! Stop that!)

First is a a music video directed by:

Gunmetal Geisha

The singer is Vienna D’Amato Hall. The name of the song is, It’s What the Dog Saw.

We kind of think of the music as if Fiona Apple meshed with Tori Amos who instead of playing piano, played guitar like a less distorted Jesus and Mary Chain…

Was that too much?

A little too hipster in the description?

A little too much knowledge drop in music genre pool?

A little too much thumb our noses in your general musical direction?

OK, whatever. Judge for yourself, and watch the video.

Next is a preview for a new movie directed by:

Ned Hickson

Yes, this will be another Batman story, but unlike any you ever saw before. This is a new Batman!

No Ben Affleck.

No George Clooney.

No fancy outlandish weird vehicles.

No crazy budget.

Just good stripped down story telling that will have you hanging on the edge of your seat.

See the preview here first!


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21 Comments on LAP TV: Featuring Gunmetal Geisha And Ned Hickson

  1. I think Ned’s on to something here… batman as a cat or something. As for the music selection, I can’t really quantify what I watched. I get the impression that Ms. Hall probably just stopped wearing black lipstick, mascara smears, cutting, and mumbling about ‘how bullshit life is because my dad doesn’t understand me.’ Post-Emo Hipster: bullshit about everything before bullshit was cool.

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  2. GG! You’re back! Awesome! Well now, you have interesting taste in music. Talk about fresh – whew. We here in Ontario Canada lay at least partial claim to Vienna as she spends some time only about 300 miles from where i am in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Great music – a bit of angst overlaid with an upbeat hopefulness – resonates with reality. there are shades of other local female artists like Morrissette in the music although Vienna’s stuff is unique.Interestingly her photo profile shows a distinct resemblance to your profile GG.

    Great to see you back, I hope all is going well for you. I’ve been doing some guest blogging over at . I did the Love and Gravity Essay there recently and other stuff before that. I look forward to seeing you do some more blogging. Carry on GG! You Rock!

    Ned – you old cat herder you! This video went a long way to helping me understand just exactly who you were and where you came from. I can certainly see shades of your family cat herding background in your most current works – be it a conversation with a cat on a washer or the Bat Cat. I eagerly await your next big production with cats – an under-served genre on You tube. O_o (See how well I’ve adapted to my upside down “o” on my keyboard?)

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  3. I dig that video, GG. Ned, your cat is slow. Just letting you know that.

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  4. I don’t believe I am a fan of Vienna, the song just sounds a tad depressing for me. As for the Batman video, I’m more of a fan of the Batman and Robin television show.


  5. hard facts // June 13, 2015 at 8:32 pm //

    Low-grade stills and a cell-phone video (shot with the camera the wrong way) of a cat do not constitute a trailer. Ugh.


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