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The Future of Movies Has A Name: Kung Fury

Kung Fury hit Kickstarter back on December of 2013. This date will be as important to remember as all other important dates that we are made to remember…such as:

1607, the colonization of Jamestown 

1607, the colonization of Jamestown

1773, the Boston Tea Party

1773, the Boston Tea Party

1945, first atomic bomb dropped

1945, first atomic bomb dropped


1982, Michael Jackson’s Thriller is released

There are a few others, but our Google hand is tired already.

In an age of 53 gazillion dollar four hour blockbusters, this crowd funded 30 minute film costs a mere $630,000. It was filmed entirely on a green screen, similar to the likes of the film: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow…expect this one is watchable.



The story is about a Miami cop in 1985, who is struck by lighting and bitten by a cobra at the same time. He then learns the power of Kung Fury in a dream sequence flying over a Shaolian Temple. Renamed Kung Fury, he has to go back in time to stop an evil karate version of Adolf Hitler. Kung Fury enlists the help of Hackerman and his Nintento Power Glove and also using what looks like an Commodore Amiga, they figure out a way to hack back through time. When Hackerman hacks a little too much back through time,  he accidentally sends Kung Fury back into the land of dinosaurs and scantly clad vikings. There, he must seek the aid of giant shirtless Thor to get to Nazi Germany.

The film is an homage to 80’s action movies and has plenty of boom boxes, Uzis, quarter arcades, bad VCR tracking, giant cell phones, and cheesy one liners to keep you entertained.

Don’t let this YouTube flick scare you. It’s special effects are pretty amazing. This is no back yard production, with a sheet, a clothesline, and your neighbors as extras.

What marks this as such an important date? No, it’s not because it’s a Swedish based movie, but the fact that it’s crowd funded and extremely well done. Also, in this world of short attention spans, it’s the near perfect amount of time. The very fact that you made it to this sentence at the end of this article shows you have a greater attention span than most.

The only downside to the movie is that the theme song is sung by David Hasselhoff.


On the LAP scale of movies: 0 out of 5 bathroom breaks

You can watch the full movie here:




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  1. THIS.

    … is distilled awesome.

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  2. I liked Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, actually. People act as though it were Battlefield Earth!

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  3. Epicness…

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  4. Well….


  5. So hilarious, really lived up to the hype!

    And way too quotable: “That explains the laser raptors”

    Also love Tricericop 🙂

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  6. I saw this a while ago, you have inspired me to experience it’s awesomeness once more. I agree with Ray… it is WAY too quotable 🙂

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