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Win One Zero One The Card Game!

Now that Long Awkward Pause has hit the big time…and by big time we mean ALL of our Moms now read it…we have stock piled a mass of things to give away.

(Big thanks to my Mom for finally jumping on board. She was the last lone hold out.)

Who doesn’t like to receive things for free?

Unless it’s a STD…everyone!

(Some of you would even be on board to receive a free STD. Maybe next contest.)

For this giveaway we partnered up with Grail Games:


Grail Games is a small board and card game publishing studio located in Sydney, Australia. We have been honored with the task of coming up with a some great way to give away this card game:

One Zero One


Coke Zero Can used for scale after author realized Coke Zero Can was in the picture. Credit: LAP

One Zero One is a very simple, very fast, very fun, and a very store-able card game. It is also created by David Harding who may or may not have been close to a certain former staff member…a staff member who used to fling their own poo whenever one of their articles was cut. We are not naming any names here…but…let’s just say it was just bananas.

Here is a video of some random guy describing the game:

That guy is also really good with chalk. We emailed him and thanked him for his tutorial on the game and also told him we would watch a YouTube channel of him drawing and erasing pictures using chalk.

He has not responded.

His lawyer did.


The game has been in the prize/janitor closet for months only because no one…meaning mostly me….could figure out a really great contest in order to give away this really great game.

My first thought was to tap someone on the shoulder and say, “Here you go.”

But Grail Games and the management of LAP wanted something a little more creative.

While I was racking my brain on how to give this game away,  another problem happened. Some other companies also wanted us to shamelessly promote and give away things for them too. The prize/janitor/Narnia closet got fuller.

(Yes! Yes! We know Narnia was through a wardrobe, not a closet…but just go with it for humor’s sake!)

I'm not cleaning this out

I’m not cleaning this out

Our janitor got so pissed that he took a piss in the mop bucket, in front of everyone, gave us all the finger, and then quit. I personally never liked how he would rearranged my collectible Star Wars figures on my desk into Karma Sutra positions every night after I left the office.

I can do that myself. I don’t need the help. Thank you anyway!

We will miss you Mr. Macrobio. Good luck you Star Wars perv.

We will miss you Mr. Odolf. Good luck, you Star Wars perv.

So here is the deal…no one in the office can come up with a good way to give away any of this stuff. Well…Mr. Odolf had a good idea…or so he said…before he mooned everyone on his way out the door. (Problem is…he couldn’t get his jumpsuit back on after the dropped it. It’s still laying on the floor. No one ever knew he didn’t wear any underwear underneath of it. What does that say about Mr Odolf?)

Here is your chance to help us and win One Zero One all in the swoop! In the comments below, tell us what you think would be a really cool contest for someone to win something off a web site such as ours. The contest can either be legitimate and fair or completely unrealistic, made-up, and unattainable. The more creative, the better.

The person who comes up with the best contest…wins this contest!

Clear as mud?

Clear as lyrics to a Puddle of Mudd song?

What happened to Puddle of Mudd anyway?

If you spell Mudd with two Ds does that make it cooler?

Contest closes May 6th. Winner will be announced May 9th.

Good luck!



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15 Comments on Win One Zero One The Card Game!

  1. So the contest is a contest idea contest… is this recursive? So if someone wins this one, their contest picks the winner of the free game? Or the janitor’s coveralls? I’m as confused as when Howard the Manager makes me go over his accounting sheets.

    Idea: Jousting with pool noodles.

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  2. I got to “Well here’s something interesting…” and became confused. Realized I clearly missed that part. So I went beck and watched it again. I think the video was edited incorrectly.


    I suggest the Never Ending Wheel of Prizes.
    First you must be the 11th caller… Which earns you the opportunity to roll a pair of Dice. If you Roll a 7 or 11 you win a chance to Spin the Wheel of Prizes. You Spin the Giant Wheel to see which catagory you will be playing for. Once you know your catagory you will be asked a series of questions. If you get the majority of them correct you then are eligible to continue playing. You will be notified via a blog post. If you read your name on the post, be the 11th caller…

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  3. Instead of answering questions or solving a riddle like so many other internet contests, I suggest the old standby Spin the Bottle. Each reader sits alone on the floor, spins the bottle and wherever it is pointing when it stops is where you must plant a kiss. Take a picture of your kissing who, what or it and send it to De Voss. This will no doubt be highly erotic for all of the furniture and/or wall decorations in your home, I promise.

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  4. I realize I am ineligible (for a lot of things, actually), but I’d like to suggest an interactive contest that would work as follows: Entries must come up with a Photoshopped image of the LAP staff (See bio page for mugs available for stealing) doing something ridiculous. We will then take them all and include the entries in a post for readers to vote on. The one with the most votes wins! But I still get the prize…

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  5. The best and most creative short story written by a Long Awkward Pause follower will get a live band to follow them around for a week playing the soundtrack to their life. If they’re running, action music is playing. If they’re at dinner on a date, the band could play swanky Frank Sinatra music. And then as a finale, FLASH MOB.

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  6. How about contestants send in articles for the door of shame and best or worst depending on how you look at it wins

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