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Captain America and Star Lord Make A Bet On The Super Bowl

Whenever there is a major championship sporting event, celebrities and politicians seem to appear to make bizarre wagers over the contest’s winner. Mayors and Governors will placate the media by betting local cuisine or touristy tchotchkes. It was cute and fun about 25 years ago when it first started happening, but now it’s a yawn and only the local 11:00 newscasts seem to give a damn. So, it was refreshing to see a small Twitter bet appear concerning this year’s Super Bowl between Captain America and Star Lord.

It appears that actors Chris Evans and Chris Pratt share a lot in common aside from their first names. Like I said, both are big name actors, both portray Marvel superheroes on the big screen, and both are football fans. It also just so happens that each Chris’ favorite team is playing in this year’s Super Bowl. Evans is a Patriots fan and Captain America from both the Captain America franchise and The Avengers, while Pratt is a Seahawks fan who appears in Guardians of the Galaxy as Star Lord. As a matter of fact, Pratt’s Guardians of the Galaxy knocked Evans’ Captain America: The Winter Soldier off its #1 perch for most money earned in 2014 so the two have a friendly rivalry brewing even without their teams squaring off in the big game.




And these two are not fair weather or bandwagon fans. They each have legit fandom street cred on their resumes. Pratt grew up in Lake Stevens, Washington State which is about 36 miles north of Seattle. Evans was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and was 4 years old when the Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffled all over his hometown Pats in Super Bowl XX.


Ah, the 80’s…


Regardless, here’s Pratt at a Seahawks game



And here’s Evans with Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft



Anyway, Evans opened with the first tweet and Pratt eagerly turned it into this awesome wager.


tweets 1a

tweets 1


The @chris_haven handle refers to Christopher’s Haven, a nonprofit that provides “supportive housing for families whose children are receiving outpatient pediatric cancer treatments in Boston, MA.”

So there you have it, which children’s charity is going to get a super hero visit? Comment below with who you’re rooting for to win.











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9 Comments on Captain America and Star Lord Make A Bet On The Super Bowl

  1. @pratpratprat not pretty boy @ChrisEvans. (Going against my own. At least it’s going to charity.)

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  2. I don’t watch football, but I’m going with Pratt because GotG is one damn good movie.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I’m only taking the Seahawks because I like the Patriots even less.

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  4. I’m for the Raiders… whenever their next Super Bowl appearance is. Hopefully, that’s in my remaining lifetime.

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  5. The power of their brands is remarkable and the fact they use it for good is even better.


  6. Superbowl day is probably my least favourite day of the year. Yes, the Superbowl will be on in my house. I will be doing anything I can to not have to watch or listen to any part of it. That being said, this bet almost makes me want to watch and cheer on one of the teams. I love that they are doing this. I will go with Chris Pratt. Love Guardians of the Galaxy and confess to not having seen the Captain America movies. (How is that possible?)


  7. Team Pratt, definitely! Check out my site & chill a bit 🙂


  8. uh no way Team Captain ‘Merica – Pratt is a “terd blossom” all the way


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