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The Saturday Six: Stringing Up The Lights

 saturday six

Katie was in charge of decorating the office for Christmas this year. She did a really good job. Below are a few of the cubicles she gave the spirit of the Holidays too. Feel free to visit the offices if you would like to see the rest of the staff's decorations. This is how she decorated Trish the receptionist's area: receptionist   She really lit up Oma's desk and he actually wears that hat sometimes: katie Ned's corner needed tons of wrapping paper: nedsoffice Even the podcast room got a touch of Christmas cheer: mic But the hands down winner of the office decorations was Rant's computer: rantscomputer Which he hated. It plays Jingle Bells once an hour. (It's funny to watch him try to use the keyboard.) Anyway... Happy Saturday!

1. Eh, Why Compete?


BrainRants: If your neighbor decides to cause brown-outs in Winter, this is highly appropriate.

Omawarisan: I like it. It is like the judo of Christmas lights, using their momentum against them.

Ned: The funny thing is, this photo was taken in July.

2. Gives New Meaning To The Lyrics, ‘You Better Watch Out’


BrainRants: This is BrainRants, and I approve of this Christmas decoration.

Omawarisan: Watch out where Santa goes, don’t you eat that yellow snow.

Ned: This still isn’t as bad as what the reindeer lights are doing on the other side of the roof.

3. When Your Not Feeling The Christmas Spirit


BrainRants: I’m tempted to prank these idiots and add a strategic “T” to the mix.  Fat stacks, yo.

Omawarisan: All caps equals shouting. So, they’re screaming indifference?

Ned: I want to comment on this but just don’t care enough.

4. Palm Trees Should Probably Not Be Decorated…


BrainRants: Precisely why I’ll never live in California again.  Also, if you’re spurting anything that color, well, you’re screwed.

Omawarisan: You’re right Rants. On the other hand, it looks like whoever that is has excellent prostate health.

Ladies and Gentlemen, all hail the first ever mention of the prostate in a Christmas related post. Glad you could be here for it.

Ned: Now let’s all join hands around the tree and sing “Oh Cum Ye Old Faithful.”


5. To Boldly Go Where No Decoration Has Gone Before


BrainRants: If you’re gonna go gaudy and overblown, then do it Star Trek style.  I’m actually jealous.

Omawarisan: Y’know, someone has to take all that down and put it away. Happy Boxing Day.

Ned: “I need more power, Scotty! Find another extension cord!”

6. Maybe Santa Will Bring You A New One…


BrainRants: Shut up and get on the bus, dude.  We all do.  You’re probably the asshole who decorated my cube.

Omawarisan: How many times have I told you not to do your reports in white on white? You’re fired.

Ned: I can see it’s going to be another passive-aggressive Christmas.
(P.S. Chris, I do like the way my cubical is decorated. But do I really have to wait until Christmas before I can come out?)



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  7. 4 is hilarious. i am not letting my husband see 6 though or it will end up outside our flat next year!

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