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5 of the WORST Boy Band Lyrics – LAP TV

Introducing LAP TV with your host: Jaclyn!

Join her as she counts down the 5 worst boy band lyrics.



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14 Comments on 5 of the WORST Boy Band Lyrics – LAP TV

  1. This… was… AWESOME!
    Thank you.

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  2. Hahaha! You know it’s funny I think everyone has a certain element that really stands out to them in a song. For some it’s the beat, for some it’s the melody, but for me it has always been the lyrics. I get completely baffled by what is allowed to be called “lyrics” these days!

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  4. Really? 2gether isn’t on this list but BSB is? I dunno, I don’t think I can agree here.


    • Haha I tried to choose some boy bands that were popular and others people may have forgot about, and there’s so many bad boy band lyrics out there I don’t think one list could get em all!!

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      • Well I admit, I still LOVE BSB. It’s my dirty little secret. I still go to their concerts. Haha.

        However, I totally think 2gether should have been on the list. U + Me = Us, Calculus!? Come on! Haha

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  5. I am proud to say I don’t know any boy band lyrics…any.


  6. You dissed Hanson? Good. And the backdoor boys… and In Stink. Please eviscerate the Beibs next… please.


  7. Hey Jacklyn, I didn’t know you were on Long Awkward TV. So cool!


  8. I could never hear any of the lyrics over the screaming of their fans… And I was mesmerized by the dance moves.


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