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The Saturday Six: She’s Got Steve Buscemi Eyes

 saturday six

Even if you think you don’t know who Steve Buscemi is…you know him. He is one of those actors whom you have seen in many different films and when he pops up in the movie, you say,

“Oh yeah…that guy! He’s good! And creepy! But still good!”

This is Steve Buscemi:


He usually plays sleazy, bad, corrupt, or just down right weird guys with no redeeming value to their character at all.

Someone on the Internets decided that they were bored, and their photoshop program was bored, so why not take Disney Princess’ eyes and replace them with Steve Buscemi’s?

Not a bad idea…however I think Steve’s mouth and teeth are more iconic than his eyes.


In other news…I kind of want this shirt:



Happy Saturday!

1. Elsa In Fargo


Omawarisan: I have no idea what Frozen is about. I think you’re supposed to let something go, but that’s about it. Buscemi was great in Fargo, and then he was in the woodchipper.

BrainRants: I want to say, “For the love of god, not another ‘Frozen’ meme,” but this is an improvement.

The Hedonist:  I know your eyes are “up here” but can I just continue looking at your boobs?

Ned: I believe this is actually Elsa’s stunt double.

List of X: I really wish I could let go of that image.

2. Ariel In The Island


Omawarisan: I’ve never understood the mermaid thing. Do men who like mermaids look at one and say something clever like “I’d filet that”?  I, for one, would not filet this.

BrainRants: Reminds me of this barfly I once met… ugh.

The Hedonist: Lack of legs? Fine. Mysterious fishy smell? Ok.  But this is a deal-breaker.

Ned: This is a rare animation cell from a deleted scene, in which Ariel has become a prostitute and Sebastion sings “Kiss da Bitch.”

List of X: Prolonged exposure to seawater tends to do that to eyes.

3. Mulan In Rising Sun


Omawarisan: Wasn’t Mulan a girl who pretended to be a man? This looks like a man pretending to be a girl pretending to be a man. A man who has been hit with a shovel.

BrainRants: Oma, it’s called, ‘birth defect.’

The Hedonist:  I’m Asian and there were times when I was growing up when I used to want to look like the other kids in the neighborhood. Good thing wishes don’t come true.

Ned: Hurry! Someone get Rene Zellweger’s plastic surgeon!

List of X: The dragon: I can’t look, I can’t look!

4. Pocahontas In Lonesome Dove



Omawarisan: Way too intense.

BrainRants: *cue un-synched voiceover* “Your kung fu no good… my kung fu beat your kung fu… now we fight!  Hai!”

Chris: This is the look I get whenever I try to be funny around my wife.

The Hedonist:  Little known fact – John Smith brought Pocanhontas’ sisters back to England as well.  His friends would’ve preferred the “Someone went to the New World and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.” souvenir.

Ned: Grandchildren who look like this is exactly why Pocahontas’ father was against her marrying a white man.

5. Rapunzel In Con (H)Air


Omawarisan: I’m off topic here, but have you ever met someone with hair past their waist or longer who was not out of their mind?

BrainRants: Dirth Befect.

Ned: I’m confused. I thought this was supposed to be Disney princesses? Isn’t this Britney Spears?

List of X: It was Rapunzel’s allergy to steel that made her avoid both haircutter’s scissors and an eye reconstruction surgery.

6. Snow White In Pulp Fiction


Omawarisan: Wow. The Prince should have let her snooze another hour or so.

BrainRants: “Yeeeesssss…. pretty ring, my preeeciouuuuussss…”

The Hedonist:  See?  That’s why genetically modified apples are not good for you.

Ned: Hey, she spent every night with SEVEN male dwarves. How much sleep do you think she got?

List of X: Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the scariest of them all?

(Ned: Steve Buscemi as the beggar woman in Snow White, no Photoshop required…)



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33 Comments on The Saturday Six: She’s Got Steve Buscemi Eyes

  1. The results are far creepier than he is actually *laughs*. He’s a superb actor, when his serial killer in the film Con Air begins to sing…..extremely disturbing but perfect for the role.

    – sonmi upon the Cloud


  2. I don’t know who Steve Buscemi is…oh yeah…that guy! He’s good! And creepy! But still good! Funny how some actors can have such a well known face and yet their name is not on our radar.

    I think the photoshopping is most effective in the Mulan one because there the other features look like him too, the expression and everything is very much like your first picture of Steve Buscemi at the top. In fact, maybe it IS him.


  3. I haven’t met a parent of a young child yet who can’t wait until the Disney phase is over. I wonder if the photoshop was done by someone who wants payback for watching Disney movies over and over and over again. I laughed so hard at Ariel that I had to send this along to my son (my granddaughter is an avid Disney fan).


  4. Don’t do meth. Not even once.


  5. I never want to see that Steve Buscemi shirt on that woman ever again. Or is it a dress. Who cares? I just don’t want to see it on her. She can just stash it under my bed or something.
    Now we know why Pocahontas spoke perfect English even though she had never met a European before. She was actually Busce-hontas.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. They have their father’s eyes…Happy Saturday!


  7. Ooh, what a combo, princesses and Steve Buscemi. Maybe this will start a new Disney phase. Some kids out there might be scarred for life, but got to keep things interesting, right?


  8. Totally sick (a good thing)


  9. The Snow White one is the creepiest!


  10. I’m printing these out and showing them to my little girl when I tuck her in tonight. Heh-heh. Father of the Year.


  11. hahaha Dirth Befect.
    These mages are creepy as fuck.


  12. IMAGES. not mages. pffft.


  13. Am I the only one who thinks that Elsa with Steve’s eyes now looks like Mr Bean as a cross dresser?
    See what you’ve done. And it all started with Disney…


  14. Steve Buscemi is a legend. And I love this post. That is all.


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