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If Kimye Made a Music Video



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Most of us would agree that we have this love/hate relationship with celebrities. They are no different from the average Joe walking around the street; I mean they wake up in the morning, drink their daily cup of caffeine, and head out the door to enjoy their eight-hour office workday. The only difference is they are paid millions of dollars to live an ordinary life. Are you sensing my sarcasm yet?

They are not everyday people, because they get paid thousands of dollars to click a damn button and tweet something. They have personal trainers, chefs, and makeup artists helping them create the “perfect” image, so they do not look like they just rolled out of bed when TMZ decides to snap a photo of them walking out of Starbucks.

The running joke around Hollywood is anyone can get famous, because authentic talent is being buried beneath celebrities like Kim Kardashian who gained worldwide fame after her sex tape was “leaked.” You do not need to be talented to earn a name for yourself in the city of angels, but what you do need is an excellent PR team and marketing tools to create your brand.

Kim has attempted a career outside of her reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she has made appearances on a variety of television shows, and had small roles in a few films. She even released a song called Turn It up. It was so good you probably never heard it.

In order to highlight Kim’s talent, I decided to make a parody music video, because it seemed like a good idea, and my mind is always beaming with great ideas. I have always wanted to make a parody, because I love poking fun at popular culture, and even though I do not hate Kim, she is someone that is frequently scrutinized, because she lacks substantial talent. She is also married to Kanye West, a rapper that is notorious for being a jerk. Therefore, I thought they would be the perfect couple to spoof, but then had to come up with a song to do.

I chose Barbie Girl, because it was already a parody. I was able to find someone to play Kanye West, and we recorded the song, and discussed the video shoot, then boom in a few weeks it was completed.

Kimmy is not on point throughout the entire song, because singing is actually quite difficult, and an amateur who has no musical background would not be perfectly on point. Kimmy is focused on snapping selfies throughout the video, and at the end, her, and the hubby cannot seem to remember where their child is.

The video is stupid, and that is what my intentions were, however I hope it gives people a quick laugh, and they find Kimye’s parody music video entertaining. Here is a link to the video CHECK IT OUT:



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9 Comments on If Kimye Made a Music Video

  1. This was so spot-on I’m still not convinced this wasn’t really her. Well done!

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  2. I applaud any caustic, sarcastic parody of Kimye. I’m waiting for their massive self-absorbed egos to finally whirl into each other and mutually annihiliate.


  3. That about says it


  4. That was brilliant. Except I think you may have overestimated her ability to carry a tune.


  5. I am quite relieved a never watch music videos, and this is not an insult to you whatsoever.


  6. That was just perfect! Well done!


  7. This music video made me want to cry. First from laughter, then sadness after realizing it wasn’t that far from reality. In the end, I settled for some nachos, but not before applauding you. Well done, Jaclyn!


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