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The Saturday Six: Pizza! Pizza!

 saturday 6

 There are a list of perfect foods in the world. Everyone’s order of the foods would be different, but we think the list would be fairly similar for everyone. One of the foods in the list would definitely be pizza.

And how could it not?

It’s almost the perfect food. You could make the crust anything you want, you can put any topping on it you want, it can be a meal, it can be a roll, it can be a snack, it can be a dessert, it can be served warm, and it can be served cold.

Bad pizza is better than a lot of mediocre food…like jello.

Although…jello pizza would be awesome.

jello pizza


Happy Saturday!

1. Pizza Cup Keyboard!


 BrainRants: Not pictured with beer… disapproved.

Omawarisan: Is there an option for Sicilian pizza?

Ned: I wonder how many times I’d stick my thumbs into the pizza trying to hit the space bar?

2. Pizza Gloves!


 BrainRants: Looks like you have ebola… disapproved.

Omawarisan: I have the sweater to go with those. My grandmother made it.

Ned: After Billy the pizza delivery guy broke up with her, Bridget moved on by learning how to knit.

3. Pizza iPhone Cover


 BrainRants: Involves an iPhone… disapproved.

Omawarisan: This looks like frozen pizza. I concur, disapproved.

Ned: So did we check first to make sure this wasn’t a close-up of the Ebola virus?

4. This Is A Pizza Chair!


 BrainRants: How do you lean back?  Where’s the back?… disapproved.

Omawarisan – Don’t you need a round room for this to work?

Ned: I’d rather have a bed that looks like a Hot Pocket.

5. Pizza….Soap?


 BrainRants: Everyone knows soap should smell like bacon… disapproved.

Omawarisan: My hands already smell like pizza

Ned: Who said it was for your hands? I thought this was from Pure Romance…

Chris: I’m thinking Rants doesn’t like pizza…

6. Sleeping In Pizza Goodness


 BrainRants: Your child will be eaten by a giant, Michael Moore or Godzilla… approved.

Omawarisan: For you, a sleeping bag. For someone with restless leg syndrome, a bag of agony.

Ned: Bears love it when campers sleep outdoors in these.



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33 Comments on The Saturday Six: Pizza! Pizza!

  1. Bwahahaha! The pizza sleeping bag – the best! And completely doable. And serviceable. Someone who sews could actually make that happen. Such a neat gift for a teen. I laughed out loud – thanks for cheering up my morning. ha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. now I fancy some pizza too

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The Iphone Pizza chew toy. My dogs would love it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. These are great. I already have an iPhone (don’t judge) and that cover is hilarious. Although I’d rather have one of bacon, if such a thing exists.

    Thanks for the laugh! I’m working all weekend so I need all the distraction I can get.


  5. Love these. Pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza!


  6. Now I’m even more hungry than I was two hours ago…when I went to Trader Joe’s on an empty stomach. My basket would have made a stoner proud. But alas, no pizza.


  7. Pizza! Even association with Ebola can’t diminish the love. Now off to get pizza for breakfast…yum.

    Happy Saturday! 😀


  8. Pizza would be on my favorite food lists. How could it not? I’m glad you finally approved of something, Rants. I wonder if you guys have had Pizza Ice Cream, pepperoni flavored. Only then will your life be complete.


  9. Smelling like pizza will not work for pure romance, sorry Ned. The pizza sleeping bag is creepy, I would worry about being attacked by some pizza eating monster.


  10. monkeyfacekim // September 13, 2014 at 6:49 pm //

    Yum, pizza. The pizza sleeping bag is definitely on my wish list this Christmas.


  11. And I’ll try, too.
    1) I hope this keyboard is dishwasher safe.
    2) I almost bit off my fingers by accident while wearing these gloves.
    3) Why do all the apps look like pepperoni?
    4) Oh well, this wouldn’t be the first time I sat on a pizza.
    5) That explains why my last Domino’s pizza tasted and smelled like soap.
    6) This picture is definitely a fake. No actual child would willingly hug broccoli


  12. For the record, I do in fact love pizza. Too much. I disapprove myself.


  13. Cheers to pizza! You’re next post should be beer-themed items to go along with these. Cause let’s face it, nothing beats pizza and beer.


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