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The Saturday Six: Provocative Doodling Pads

saturday 6 

 David Jablow is a multi-media artist who took some suggestive mid-2oth century “doodle pads” and added his own creative flair to them.

Remember kiddies, this is back before internet porn.

This is what you call: Do-it-yourself-porn.

Hopefully you good at drawing…accessories.


What doodles could we add here? Why did we pick the most unattractive position for breasts to hang….and what is she retrieving? Some dropped car keys?


At least this position is a little sexier and you could give her robot hands if you so desired…and we know you do!

Below is the doodle we picked to feature on this week’s SS6 because of it’s endless possibilities for sexy doodling…and also the hair cut reminds us of Snow White. We like Snow White.


Happy Saturday!

1. Doodle Provocative Ninja!


Omawarisan: “Everything was going well. None of them looked up. Not a one. And then, I fell.”

Ned: “And night after night, as the Seven Dwarves slept, Snow White continued her double life as a blood thirsty killer within the Enchanted Forest…” — From “Snow White, The Lost Years”

Chris: One thing I have noticed is that you can’t be an out of shape ninja. Their clothes are too tight.

Jack: That reminds me, I have to take Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon back to the Redbox.

2. Doodle Provocative Cowgirl


Omawarisan: I’m fifty-two. I’ve never seen anyone with a stick with a bandanna on it in real life. I hope to see it once before I’m too old to appreciate it.

Ned: Once again, Uncle Sam’s attempt to hide his secret life as a cross-dressing hobo was ruined by his trademark pants…

Chris: It looks like the dog is trying to take a poop in midair.

Jack: Heh. Murdering Hobos by tossing them off of moving trains never gets old.

3. Doodle Provocative Rodeo Girl


Omawarisan: She wasn’t much in pass coverage but, unlike Deion Sanders, was a great tackler in the open field.

Ned: It wasn’t until they arrived at the apartment of bull rider “Eight Seconds” Malone that Betty the Rodeo Queen began to suspect he wanted to show her more than his  spur collection.

Chris: Look closely…the bull tooted.

Jack: Minotaur? Check. Labryinth? Check. Cowgirl replacing Theseus because why the f**k not? Check.

4. Doodle Provocative LAP writer


Omawarisan: If you live next to a crazy cat lady always remember this: you’re one letter away from something much, much worse.

Ned: I  never realized our office at LAP had a waste basket

Chris: Or is infested with rats….

Jack: This is the best depiction of the writing of the Twilight series I have ever come across

Chowderhead:  I’m pretty sure that’s a terrier there at the bottom being eaten by a rat.  There’s also a shuttlecock on the desk.  This is fun!

5. Doodle Provocative Mission Impossible


Ned: judging from the idol, this is obviously a storyboard panel from an early draft of Raiders of the Lost Ark, when “Sapito” was supposed to be a women. Eventually, “Throw me the idol, I’ll show you my tits!” was changed to “Throw me the idol, I throw you the whip!”

Chris: That damn theme song is now stuck in my head. Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dooodledo, doooodledo, dun, dun…..

Jack: Cat burglar steals dogs. Film at eleven.

Chowderhead:  What the hell is she stealing a yawning snake for..

6. Doodle Provocative Bad Ass


Omawarisan: Terrified by the fight, Jane ran from the bar, dragging her Siamese Twin sister Janet for several blocks.

Ned: In this latest sequel to Road House, a female bouncer must help The Double Duece clear out the riff raff on Motown Karaoke Nights..

Chris: The bar looks like it’s from the Old West and the women look like they are from the 70’s. I’m confused.

Jack: Wait a minute, there’s something bothering me about this place. I know! This Lesbian bar doesn’t have a fire exit! Enjoy your death trap, ladies.

Chowderhead:  Back when I was in the Academy, they taught us to always flash your badge when somebody is eye-gouging you, or worse, trying to remove your nose with half a Corona bottle.  The officer in this depiction is doing it right.



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20 Comments on The Saturday Six: Provocative Doodling Pads

  1. I never realized the phrase “assume the position” had so many possibilities.

    Thanks you crazy LAP-dancers. *wink*


  2. Number 6 made me look twice…and really, Howard Gantz needs to fire the maintenance crew or hire one…deplorable.

    Happy Saturday!


  3. Oh man those were great, the commentary was priceless.


  4. I never knew a gal could get so much mileage out of levitating. Although I believe she has some spontaneous assistance in #3 with the bull toot, not unlike one of those air pressure displays in a science museum.


  5. It’s kind of like going through the fun-house at a fair…. and by that I mean the wonky way you guys think. Love these new Sunday funny pages.


  6. Awesome, Chris. Thanks for sharing this, this morning. I needed it.


  7. This is brilliant. Who did the completed doodles? Oh, and what is a “shuttlecock”?


  8. “Throw me the idol…” Narf!
    Also: bundle on a stick is called a bindle. I only learned that a few weeks ago. It’s my duty now to pass on this information to the world.


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