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Sharknado 2? Yes, Please

Every generation a movie comes out that helps define an era. My grandparents had Gone With the Wind, my parents had American Graffiti, and this generation we have the one movie to put all other movies to shame…

Not since Jaws, has a movie completely captured the true nature of sharks in their never ending quest for human flesh. It’s no secret why sharks don’t make for good pets; because they will eat you.

For those who reside in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Sharknado hits a little too close to home. With the constant threat of The Big One looming in the back of every resident’s mind, the thought that a waterspout could spew thousands of sharks into the city is a very realistic fear. Not only is Southern California one quake away from breaking off from the continental U.S. and falling into the Pacific Ocean, but now simple and enjoyable things like going to Santa Monica put one’s life in danger from flying fish with teeth.

Ian Ziering’s gratuitous acting is flawlessly matched by Tara Reid’s underacting in a casting decision that can only be described as sheer genius. In combination with the bikini clad Cassie Scerbo wielding a shotgun for 47% of the movie and you have a recipe for nothing short of cinematic greatness.

Not since Showgirls has there been a movie that makes you stop and think, “What am I doing with my life? Pass me the Jack Daniels.”

But we live in a very special time. A time in which lighting does strike twice. Case in point…

Because Sharknado wasn’t epic enough, we’ve been blessed with Sharknado 2. Please stop and take a moment to revel in knowing you are worthy of such excellence.

Take this movie for what it is; a warning that no one is safe from air born Great Whites. Be entertained but also learn from it and use it an educational tool. Or a drinking tool, whichever you find to be more appropriate.

So, on July 30th, when Syfy releases the long awaited sequel, I plan on spending the evening with those I love. We will be living in the moment and taking a shot every time Ian Ziering saves a baby. We will pay close attention to the subtle nuances of Tara Reid’s acting and more than likely end up lighting some shit on fire.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Save the date and set your DVRs: July 30, 2014 at 9/8c is about to be epic.



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Miss Melisa Mae is an avid fan of anything Chuck Norris and vodka. If she could meet Chuck Norris while drinking vodka, all the better. She has a B.A. in B.S. and likes referring to herself in the third person because it makes her feel special. Her mother may or may not have dropped her as a baby.

28 Comments on Sharknado 2? Yes, Please

  1. I can’t wait! I want to have a Sharknado 2 party at the offices of LAP, but everyone else is like meh….


  2. I’m getting cable just for this reason.


  3. LOL!
    What defines a generation? When Rhett says “I don’t give a damn.” It sent shock waves through the movie industry. By the 1960’s that seemed tame. The first time I saw, “The Night of the Living Dead” in 1970, I slept with the light on and had nightmares for weeks. And here I am today, laughing at sharks devouring really bad actors with no possibility of nightmares.

    What describes our culture today is desensitization and a blatant disregard for story line. 🙂


    • missmelisamae // July 17, 2014 at 10:33 am //

      You mean to tell me you didn’t get shock waves through your very core when Ian Ziering said “We’re going to stay here and fight! We can’t just stand here and wait for sharks to rain down on us!” SMH


      • Laugh…yes. Get shock waves…no. Sharks may be dumb as a roach, but I doubt that food is the last thing on the mind of a shark flying through the air at 200 miles per hour. 🙂


  4. such a lucky break that there is a ‘2’!


  5. Sharknado was amazing in its horribleness. Still, I have a feeling they’ll somehow mess up the second one.


  6. Is there a Sharknado 3 in the works? If not, I’d like to pitch the idea of Washington DC being attacked. People would tune in to see their favorite politician squashed by a whale shark. If Ian Zeiring isn’t available, I’m sure Willie Ames is, they’re pretty much the same person.


  7. I’ll bring my floss Ninja skills. Those teeth look like they could use a little attention.


  8. Sharknado3: Sharks vs. Pirhana. Maybe?


  9. I just saw the Riff Trax version of this in the theater on July 10th – funniest damn thing ever!!


    • missmelisamae // July 17, 2014 at 11:36 am //

      What I would have given to see this monumental film in the theater. Not a whole lot but I still would have given something.


  10. Because I live near the ocean, I can tell you Sharknados are REAL. Or at least Jellyfish-nados, which are just as terrifying.


  11. My husband & I watched the first one AS A JOKE, fully anticipating the whirlpool of suck and laughter at a plot so HIGH-fkn-LARIOUSLY unfeasible that we just poured the booze and waited for the chortling, snorting and spraying of liquids to ensue. You know – like when you watch Stigmata. Needles to say, we had to turn it off not even halfway through despite Ian Ziering’s stellar B-movie performance. Maybe we should’ve watched with a group…


  12. How did I miss the first one? I’ll be sure to have a bottle of Jack Daniels handy. Sharknado 3 – Zombie Sharks – flying through the air! Doesn’t it go without saying?


  13. According to my Google findings, the first one made 200k.

    I can’t see any reason why they shouldn’t make another one.


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