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LAP’s Staff Contest Winner Pictures

Congratulations again to our contest winner, Catherine!

She’s the author of the blog, Always a Redhead, and sole proprietor of the only Long Awkward Pause swag on the planet to date.  Well, that is unless there’s another Long Awkward Pause that we’re not aware of that is preparing to spank our butts with a copyright infringement suit soon.  That would suck.

Anyways, “zee package arrived” at Catherine’s remote Canadian lodge via horseback mail system this past weekend, along with a set of instructions from the staff:

1.)  Cold wash, tumble dry low.

2.)  Take some funny pictures of yourself wearing your new limited edition LAP gear.

She delivered.

Here are a few pictures of our swag model:

holding Bears long awkward paws

After only ten minutes of owning this highly coveted t-shirt memorabilia, it was already covered in dog hair.  How ungrateful!  Remember the care instructions we sent.

laying on the pergola 2

This is a picture of Catherine in jail.

Pergola pose (678x1024)

She confronted her fear of heights (true story)  in order to take this picture…

pinup pose on pergola

…but quickly succumbed to the fear shortly after.

standing by the pole

But she recovered quickly.

standing my the pole 2

Still panting a little bit, but recovered nonetheless.

gift tag

And a short poem:

“Roses are Red,

Burgers are groovy,

Thanks for winning.”

Rock on, Catherine!

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37 Comments on LAP’s Staff Contest Winner Pictures

  1. OMG, sorry about the dog hair, the shirt has already been through the wash, though I did not tumble dry it, hung it proudly on the line beside my underwear of course. 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on AlwaysARedhead and commented:
    I had to make apologies for the dog hair.


  3. anitadesignstudio // July 14, 2014 at 9:24 am //

    Haha! Awesome pictures!! The one with the dog is gold!!


  4. Catherine, you are my hero for today.


  5. The second and fourth images look like crime scene photos. I’m glad they’re not. Unless they are. In which case, they are very tastefully done.


  6. Congratulations to that crazy woman!


  7. A jail where the sky is the limit. I likes 🙂


  8. Best model ever! Without a doubt one of my favorite wacko dog-lovers on the planet.


  9. Best model ever! One of my favorite wacko dog-lovers on the planet.


  10. This is great! Always a Redhead blogs always make my day! My husband and I always laugh out loud at the craziness of it all! We had the pleasure of meeting her and her husband while they were on holiday in Jamaica – where we live – which is also a pretty crazy place most of the time by the way! I love her sense of humor and wish I could write with her wit. I get so bogged down in “heavy” issues on my blog sometimes! Congrats to you Catherine!


  11. Real people really win on LAP!


  12. Congrats to Catherine the Brave. Love the hammock pic. 😀


  13. Catherine, you are quite the daredevil here. Well deserved. Congrats on the prize and the honor!


  14. Looking good girl! Great photos and well done!


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