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Troy aka Ad-libbed was supposed to post today but went into the hospital for emergency kidney surgery. He is doing well, but will have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days and get his fill of red jello. Please send him some well wishes in the comments section below.

In the meantime… has this great feature called: Today I Learned, which complies little interesting and trivial facts about random things.

We here at Long Awkward Pause have gathered a sample of some that we found worthy of mention:



Gene Simmons was once the manager of pre-fame Van Halen but released them from their contract because he had to go on tour with KISS. They signed with Warner Bros. within a month.

i-love-chinese-food-dave-days-o (1)

General Tso’s Chicken is an American dish. It was unknown of in China before it was introduced by chefs returning from the United States.


There is a birth deformity called bilateral Stahl’s ears which can result in a person being born with elf-like ears


The mouth of the male Flabby Whalefish *fuses shut* upon reaching adulthood. Losing its stomach and oesophagus, it uses energy from previous meals to grow a giant liver which sustains it for life.


The Never Realized “Batman & Robin (1997)” Sequel, “Batman Triumphant”, Would have Included Martin Short as the Mad Hatter, Jack Nicholson Reprising the Joker and Madonna as Harley Quinn.


In a package of Reese’s Pieces, the goal color distribution is 50% orange, 25% brown and 25% yellow.


The nation of Canada is undefeated in the world of professional sumo wrestling. There has been precisely one, John Tenta, who retired having never lost a bout.


President Herbert Hoover and his wife Lou were fluent in Mandarin Chinese. During their years in the White House, they would often hold entire conversations in Chinese to prevent the staff and acquaintances from hearing what they were saying.


There is a tribe in Papua New Guinea where the women ambush men for sex and can urinate on him and bite off his eyebrow and eyelashes if they aren’t satisfied!


In the 1980s, American Airlines began saving $40,000 per year by putting one less olive in each first class salad.



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38 Comments on This Week I Learned

  1. That bitin’ off the eye brow thing for unsatisfactory sex happens in Maine too.

    The One Eye Browed Fearless Leader


  2. Hope Troy recovers quickly. As for Canadian sumos… no idea what to think.


  3. These were interesting & hilarious. I’m now going to threaten my other half with loss of eyebrows.

    Feel better soon, Troy. ♥️


  4. Tell us the truth, Ad-libbed. You’re in the hospital after being ambushed for sex. There’s no shame in that. Be proud. Oh, and wash that urine off before coming back to the office. And while you’re at it: Get well 😉


  5. Hooray, I’ve learned stuff today. Now I don’t need to read the newspaper!


  6. Interesting facts!

    Get well soon, Troy!


  7. I know where those extra olives ended up. In my martini glass.

    Please hug Troy (a man hug, no touching hips) and ask him if the nurses are going to do jello belly shots. In his room. Late at night.


  8. Get well soon, Troy! Enjoy the sponge baths. In the meantime, I’ll be in Papua New Guinea.


  9. hope you feel better soon troy, and you will save american airlines a fortune in olives by laying off the martinis and sticking with the jello and water.


  10. And people wondered why my ex never had eyebrows or eyelashes and smelled funny.


  11. Well lucky for my husband, he has his eyebrows and eye lashes. 😉


  12. I feel slightly smarter and a bit confused because I did so after reading LAP. hehe Oh and if you want a little more info on General Tso I found this:


  13. get well soon


  14. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Troy.


  15. Personally, I wouldn’t mind having some elf ears. Troy, so sorry to hear you in the hospital. I hope you are feeling better soon.


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