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Help us Celebrate our One Year Anniversary with a Chance to Win Cash and Prizes!

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Today is a very special day here at Long Awkward Pause because it marks our first year anniversary!

*Throws confetti*

*Spits out confetti*

After all the hard work and bantering that’s gone on over the past year, we’ve decided to conduct a pop quiz today to see how well you think you know the staff.

For the first time ever we’re pulling back the curtains to give you a peek into the top-secret lives of each of the group’s members.  In order to do that however, we’re gonna need a little bit of participation from you.

In the spirit of exhibitionism and for the sake of educational purposes, and after signing a liability waiver under duress, each of our staff writers forked over a handful of juicy personal tidbits about themselves to make today’s quiz possible.

Some of these facts are embarrassing, some are enlightening, and some are just  plain ridiculous – but all of them are true.  Please remember to fill out your score sheets with a number 2 pencil approved of by the National Partnership and Institute of Scholarly Bullshit Test Writers Association Inc.

Or just a crayon will work.

The Details:

The participant who scores the highest will win an undisclosed prize package courtesy of LAP (hehe).  If there are multiple highest scores, each winner’s name will be tossed into a random drawing to determine the winner.  You only get one shot, so make your answers count.  Answers will be revealed and the winner announced next Thursday, June 19th.  

Only the letters of your selected answers are required in the comment section, but feel free to leave a smart-ass one-liner too, if you’d like.  For example, your comment might look something like this:

A, A, B, D, C, E, A…  

Oh, and by the way, suck it, Chowderhead!

Get it? Got it? Good.

Good luck!

Question 1:

Which member of LAP is a former musician in a band that used saws, drills, and water glasses as instruments?

Ned Hickson  A.)  Ned Hickson

Omawarisan  B.)  Omawarisan

Chris De Voss  C.)  Chris De Voss

MMM  D.)  Miss Melisa Mae

Question 2:

Which member of LAP once auditioned to play the role of the character Eyeball in the movie Stand by Me?

Joe Jewett  A.)  Joe Jewett

Calahan  B.)  Mike Calahan

Ned Hickson  C.)  Ned Hickson

Ad-libbed  D.)  Ad-libbed

Question 3:

The classic sci-fi movie Planet of the Apes brings this LAP member to tears because of  a severe dislike of seeing monkeys die.

MM  A.)  Monk Monkey

katie hoffman  B.)  Katie Hoffman

SG  C.)  Singlegirlie

Ad-libbed  D.)  Ad-libbed

Question 4:

Which LAP member carries the second rarest blood type (B-), shared by only 2% of the world population?

Justin Gawel  A.)  Justin Gawel

Jack De Voss  B.)  Jack De Voss

Calahan  C.)  Mike Calahan

SG  D.)  Singlegirlie

Question 5:

Which LAP member accidentally launched a model rocket off in their bedroom while attending grade school?

Calahan  A.)  Mike Calahan

wrong hands  B.)  John Atkinson aka Wrong Hands

Chowderhead  C.)  Chowderhead

Ad-libbed  D.)  Ad-libbed

Question 6:

Which LAP member is egg-intolerant, shops for T-shirts in the children’s section, and has never once experienced being drunk?

Chris De Voss  A.)  Chris De Voss

Chowderhead  B.)  Chowderhead

katie hoffman  C.)  Katie Hoffman

Calahan  D.)  Mike Calahan

Question 7:

Which LAP member was once hit by a car at the age of 14, and today, owns over 150 board games?

Ad-libbed  A.)  Ad-libbed

Calahan  B.)  Mike Calahan

MM  C.)  Monk Monkey

Brainrants  D.)  BrainRants

Question 8:

Which LAP member was nominated as candidate for Prom Queen during High School?

SG  A.)  Singlegirlie

MMM  B.)  Miss Melisa Mae

Brainrants  C.)  BrainRants

Ned Hickson  D.)  Ned Hickson

Question 9:

Which LAP member once reigned supreme in an underwater pumpkin carving contest, and also suffered from a severe phobia of rubber chickens as a child?

Omawarisan  A.)  Omawarisan

wrong hands  B.)  John Atkinson aka Wrong Hands

Chris De Voss  C.)  Chris De Voss

Ad-libbed  D.)  Ad-libbed

Question 10:

Which LAP member blames their perpetual single-status on the fact that they own neither an iron, nor an oven?

Jack De Voss  A.)  Jack De Voss

SG  B.)  Singlegirlie

MMM  C.)  Miss Melisa Mae

wrong hands  D.)  John Atkinson aka Wrong Hands


Thank you to everybody for all your kick-ass support this past year!

– Much love from the entire LAP Staff

Tune in next Thursday for the big reveal!

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54 Comments on Help us Celebrate our One Year Anniversary with a Chance to Win Cash and Prizes!

  1. NotAPunkRocker // June 12, 2014 at 7:07 am //

    It’s like I’m reading a long list of “Jeopardy” contestant-Trebek banter.


  2. b,b,a, b,c,c,,a,a,d,b. i am preparing my acceptance speech and these are the reasons why i enjoy reading you all. thank you and congrats. you have survived longer than many cable series and bad game shows.


  3. *sits back and waits for the dust to settle*


  4. One year? Nice one!
    Rubber chickens are scary?


  5. Reblogged this on Chowderhead and commented:

    LAP turns one year old today! We’re doing a fun little pop quiz to see how well you know the staff, and we’re even giving *something away!


  6. C,D,A,C,C,C,B,A,B,A

    (And if those are wrong, my next guess is Ned for all of them.)

    So how much cash we talkin’ here? Should I expect a couple pennies, an old moldy piece of gum and some pocket lint? I hear blogging doesn’t pay jack.

    Congrats on one year!


    • Haha, I skimmed through ’em real quick and I will say that my zips are lipped. I mean my lips are zipped until Thursday.

      As far as the prize pack goes, you might not be far off in your guess! It will be something cool though I promise, and there may or may not be cash involved. An amount close to the amount you suggested.

      Thanks for tuning in from Maine, chick. Stay tuned!



    • Maineiac, I gave up my Prom Queen title when I found out my scepter was a rubber chicken. Well done.


  7. Congratulations, soon you will be walking and out of diapers. Here are my guesses in no particular order: ABBA DABA DO. I’ll take my prize in small unmarked bills.


    • Thank you! But that test that you just turned is going to get you detention after class. Sentences. Eraser clapping. Cleaning desks. Reading Latin…


  8. Damn, I may have to cheat since I only became aware of the Long Awkward Pause a month or so ago (Ned told me). I choose the letter “C” for all my answers. Is there a prize for the person who has the most wrong because I’m gaming for that one.


    • You might not be that far off! Then again, you might have flunked too :(. I guess you’ll have to wait until your test is graded next Thursday.

      And thanks for tuning in! \m/


  9. As a former L.A.P staff writer, I feel I have to disqualify myself from this contest.
    Which is too bad because I bet that prize package includes an invitation to a slumber party.
    Good luck to everyone who participates!


    • BD, your time with us will never be forgotten. Salute \m/

      And you are by no means disqualified. Take a shot, because this is not an easy test. Don’t get all cocky and stuff thinkin you’re gonna ace it. Yaw kno me!


      • Dude. Not cocky. I don’t have the equipment.
        More fear of failure.
        Huh. Do you think those two subjects have something in common? *grin*


      • I’ll I heard was ‘cocky’ and ‘equipment’ and then you started grinning, so I can’t help but think this is one of those sexual innuendo things.


  10. C,A,A,D,B,C,A,B,D,B
    This was a lot like the quiz they give you at the DMV – I didn’t study, the questions made no sense and I winged it – I hope your giving away a car!


    • Excellent! It worked then! I forgot the answers already – that’s how confusing it is. Actually, I’m the only person in the world who has the answer sheet to this test. It’s exhilarating. And we might be giving away a car. MIGHT. Still waiting to hear back from the loan officer..


  11. I know at least one of the answers, and I’m willing to trade the answers for a Twix Bar.


  12. I’m not sure who fired the model rocket in their room, but I respect their work and encourage a reenactment now that we have YouTube.


  13. kristen mcclary // June 12, 2014 at 4:39 pm //



    • Uh oh!

      Dark horse in the lead? If a prize patrol shows up on your doorstep on Thursday, don’t be alarmed. If a prize patrol doesn’t show up on your doorstep on Thursday, also don’t be alarmed.



  14. B B A A B C A B C B. There. Just say I won because I guessed really hard. Congrats on a most successful year. You rock!


  15. c, d, a, b, b, a, c, c, d, a

    If the cash prize is five bucks that’s awesome. I want five bucks.


  16. Deanna Herrmann // June 13, 2014 at 2:02 pm //

    Congrats on your first year! I don’t really know some of the authors so I didn’t guess, but I’m thinking the rocket one was you Chowderhead. 😉


    • Thanks Deanna! I think you should take a guess for the fun of it. And that is a good guess – the rocket one; or a bad guess. That’s my guess. Stats prove you have a 25% chance of being correct. And a 75% chance of being wrong. I’m not helping am I…


  17. I miss all the good stuff…


  18. I’m late! But not too late I hope. These are just guesses. ABACCCAABC A shot in the dark! 😉


    • You’re right on time! Thanks for submitting, Jackie. I have my answer key in front of me. Let me check and I’ll get back to you on Thursday. \m/


  19. Reblogged this on poohloversunite and commented:
    …Guys, I have absolutely no effing idea whatsoever. BUT JUST BECAUSE I MIGHT WIN AGAINST ALL POSSIBLE ODDS: CBBDBCAAAB
    Oh, and you can, you know, guess too. You might possibly have a chance of winning against all odds too.


  20. Why not…… D,A,C,A,B, B, C, A, D, B


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