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The Saturday Six: Photoshopping Sad Batman

  saturday 6

It was announced that Ben Affleck was going to play Batman in the new movie: Batman vs. Superman.

And the internet imploded…Rubix’s Cubes solved themselves…Zebras and Lions started dinning together…fruit cakes started selling in droves…

No one wanted Ben Affleck to play Batman. Why? I don’t know. Ben can do brooding and sullen as well as any other actor.

What we don’t understand is why no one is questioning the real impossibility?

Batman fighting Superman! Is there any real contest here? No! Superman is the clear winner.

Let’s break it down:

Batman: A man

Superman: An alien from another planet

Batman: No powers, just a gadget belt and some gadgety vehicles.

Superman: Can fly, shoot lasers, has super strength, healing powers, and invulnerability

Batman Weaknesses: Women, Side Kicks, Gas Prices, The Police, Impersonators, Memories of his Dead Parents, His own multi-million corporation, sleep, Liam Nielson

Superman: Kyptonite

One punch from Superman and Batman is dead no matter if it’s Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, Adam West, or Chris Farley.

End of movie. Roll credits. Give me my $10 bucks back.

The only power Batman has over Superman is that he is a much more interesting character then Superman.

Zack Synder, the director of the Superman vs Batman, released this publicity shot recently:


Batman looks sad. So very sad. We don’t know why Sad Batman is sad and won’t know until the movie is released. So in the meantime, the internet will just have to stick Sad Batman in other…more appropriate…places to be sad.














batswing (1)

Happy Saturday!



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37 Comments on The Saturday Six: Photoshopping Sad Batman

  1. The one of him with the swing…made my morning. Bwahahahhaha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Batman will always be sad because he knows he’ll always play second fiddle to Superman.


  3. Looool too much your so funny! Preach!!! Superman kills Batman in one punch hahaha… and the swing pic omfg hahaha awesome!


  4. Hilarious! I love it!


  5. The LOG RIDE…hahahahahahaha. Thank you Saturday Six!!! And omg…the Batman apron. you rock.


  6. I must be the anti-Batman as seeing him sad makes me so freakin’ happy.


  7. The swing and the BBQ so funny! Poor Batman is right. That said I’m on his side. All he needs to do is carry kryptonite on his person at all times. Go Batman, even if he is played by Ben Affleck. :0P.

    Happy Saturday!


  8. Zebras and Lions DO dine together… it’s just a little awkward and one sided. Like dinner at home.


  9. Poor Batman. I think I’m going to go cry now! Maybe some new gadgets will cheer him up. I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to swing in the rain. C’mon Batman. Chin up!


  10. Batman pushing an empty swing….Best. GIF. Ever.


  11. That was so funny, poor sad Batman. Batman is way cooler than Superman though and arguably played by much better actors – who is playing Superman or does no one care?


  12. I thought that it was brilliant of you to think of putting sad Batman in other situations. True, there is no controversy on who will win between the two, although you are right, it is no contest. I’d like to add my voice to the anti-Ben Affleck statistics. He does not come across as being as fierce and formidable as Christian Bale, who is a tough act to follow.


  13. Talk about your Dark Knights…


  14. 3stepcasserole // May 27, 2014 at 6:20 am //

    I always had a feeling Batman loved log rides. Thanks for the laugh!


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