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The Saturday Six: Funny and Creative Business Card Designs

 saturday 6

You know what you hardly see anymore nowadays?  Those fishbowl things at the local restaurant that you drop your business card into and win a burrito or free gelato for a week.

You know why?

Because everyone’s information is online, which means people don’t need to carry business cards anymore.

And do you know what has replaced the business card?

This thing:

It’s ugly and squiggly.

The Quick Response or QR code was originally designed in 1994 by the Japanese to keep track of automobiles.  Either that, or it may have been a character sketch for some Atari game.  One or the other.  Nonetheless, they are used today the world over to receive $5 off sandwiches at local food trucks. This is what we call “moving technology forward.”

Do you know what company has suffered most because of this movement in technology?  Yes, you guessed it!  Business card case holder manufacturers.

However, there are still a few die hard business card carrying people walking among us.  But if memory serves correctly, rock beats scissors; scissors beats paper; paper beats rock; and technology beats them all, which is why business cards have to be really creative in order to be effective.

So, today’s Saturday Six celebrates the creativity of the modern day business card.



1.)  Cosmetic Surgeon Business Card


Step 1:  Insert index and middle finger into designated cutouts.  Step 2:  finger boobs.  You may try experimenting with the size and direction of your business card boobs.  We don’t mind.

2.)  Circumciser’s Business Card


Do not insert any male lower regional extremities into cutout.  (Tee hee.)

3.)  Miniature Plumber’s Plunger


Also useful for extracting pool water from a clogged ear.

4.)  Table Tennis Business Card


“Here’s my card,  now let’s play to 21 real quick when I find my paddle with this magnifying glass.”

5.)  Hair Dresser Business Card


“Give me a call, but first give me about 20 minutes to prepare the phone number for you.”

6.)  Yoga Trainer Business Card


How about we just watch you get stretchy instead?

Happy Saturday!



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  1. NotAPunkRocker // May 10, 2014 at 8:45 am //

    While neat, some of these require too much work to get lost in my purse or car.


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    Very useful!


  3. these are amazingly wonderful


  4. Clever, hilarious and a little twisted. Happy Saturday!


  5. I applaud your ability to put a boobs-related card in this Saturday Six.


  6. I want a tiny plunger.


  7. Interactive business cards. Oh, they’re so unique and way better than that strange Atari thing. And so much more fun. So funny, Chris! I needed my Saturday Six fix! Now I can go about my day.


  8. The circumcision card had me laughing out loud…for reals.


  9. Now those were interesting. 🙂


  10. I’m going to order the boob one and just put:
    Here are some boobs to put your fingers in.


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  12. These were frackin’ brilliant, Christopher!!!


  13. This is awesome!!


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