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The Saturday Six: Weird Pictures

saturday 6

A parable:

Once upon a time there lived a Fox. A very well spoken, very educated Fox. A Fox that enjoyed the finer things in life, like expensive wine, fast cars, barbecued turkey legs, and the opera.

One day as the Fox was leaving for work in his 2014 Maserati Granturismo, he noticed that his neighbor, Black Bear was sitting on his porch step with his head in his hands. So Fox got out of his car, walked over to Black Bear, and put his paw on his shoulder sympathetically.

Bear looked up from his hands, paused, and ate Fox on the spot.

He then hoped into Fox’s Maserati and drove away to Vegas to find some hookers.

Moral of the story: Parables suck and never expect the expected….kind of like this week’s Saturday Six. At first glance, these pictures seem like ordinary, everyday photos… but upon closer inspection, something very weird and different is going on.

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Happy Saturday!



1.  Sewing Machine Prom Date


“Dear Diary:  nobody wanted to go to prom with me so I had to take my mom’s sewing machine.  I also crashed a UPS truck.  It was a good day.”

2.  Brother, No!


“Don’t give him Penicillin!  He’s allergic to Penicillin!”

3.  Bread Man


“Nobody understands me again.”

4.  Breathtaking Photo Op


“Everybody stop crying!”

5.  Foxy ATM


“Shit.  Left my wallet in the stump…”

6.  Hi Ho Silver!

wait6 “Nothing to see here people.  Just stealing a penny horse and stuff.” —–


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68 Comments on The Saturday Six: Weird Pictures

  1. It would be impossible to pick a favorite.


  2. Wait…what? That pretty much says it all. Happy Saturday!


  3. That dog wears that sweater surprisingly well.


  4. I love picture #5.


  5. I think I just herniated something laughing at this. Thank you!


  6. This is so deep! Suddenly, it all makes sense.


  7. I should NOT have been drinking coffee the moment I saw the fox in line at the ATM. The people at the table beside me in Starbucks just paid a hefty price.


  8. motherhendiaries // May 3, 2014 at 3:23 pm //

    Gahaha! Gotta say…I’m a fan of #6


  9. The birds on the ground staring at breadman …


  10. Love this!! You don’t know just how much I needed to laugh, Chris. Thank you. My favorite is the Fox at the ATM. I guess he stopped at the ATM before he got eaten.


  11. What does the fox say? He should have said, “No, don’t eat me.:


  12. Bread Man just gave me a terrific, creative idea for a swimsuit design! Thanks, Bread Man!


  13. I think the guy in the odd sweater vest with the doll baby and the dog is… fucking unnerving. Creeps me the fuck out.


  14. Those were five awkward photos!


  15. monkeyfacekim // May 4, 2014 at 9:37 am //

    Is it possible to pick a favorite? If I had to it would be bread man, suddenly I know what I want to do to my younger brother…


  16. The UPS pic is the pinnacle of randomness. It couldn’t have been staged better than that.


  17. Thanks for injecting a little culture into my weekends, buddy!


  18. Breadman…breadman is the clear favorite.


  19. Saturday Six has become my Monday Morning aMusement. I’m not sure why I don’t get it until Monday morning but as long as I get it…
    Perhaps it is being delivered by that UPS truck. Every one of these is hysterical and I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite. The expression on that dogs face is priceless, “Help Me. Get me the hell away from this psycho and his doll.”


  20. That guy with the dog and fake African American baby really caught me off guard; he doesn’t seem like the nurturing type.


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