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The Saturday Six: Making Tough Brand Choices

saturday 6

We like choices. However, choices sometimes divide us as a nation, a culture, and a people. That can be good or that can be very, very  bad.

 But that’s ok, as long as we keep it friendly, right? There is no reason that Ford people can’t get along with Chevy people right? Think about it…essentially when it comes down  to the nitty gritty of the matter, they both provide the same function…to make the Oil Companies rich.

Now imagine a world where only one type of thing is offered…which is called a monopoly by the way.  That means that product or service would never strive to get better…just like Paris Hilton. No reason too. No competition.

Pizza Hut would only offer Pepperoni Pizza and that’s it. Hawaiian Pizza would never exist in a world without choices. Not only would that make Hawaiian’s very sad because they no longer have a hand in the pizza market, but it would also mean a surplus in Pineapples. Pineapples would over run the once beautiful islands of Hawaii, just sitting there…unused..rotting in the sun…making the land stinky of rotten fruit…

The smell would eventually waft across the ocean and invade California. I’m sure that they would stop making movies because I know for a fact that actors are temperamental to rotten pineapple smells. It might even go as far as shutting down Pizza Hut in California because no one would have the stomach for eating with the rancid fruit aromas in the air.

 So basically California would not even have Pepperoni Pizza…which without choices, was the only pizza offered…remember?

 What we have essentially learned is….choices good…rotten pineapple bad…

 Tell us in the comments below, which of the choices listed are you in favor of…

 Happy Saturday!



1.  Android or Apple?

type1a or type1b

2.  Coke or Pepsi?

 type2a or type2b

3.  Windows or Mac?

type3a or type3b

4.  Smiley Right or Smiley Left

type4a or type4b

5.  Glasses or Contacts?

type5a or type5b

6.  Over or Under?

 type6a or type6b



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47 Comments on The Saturday Six: Making Tough Brand Choices

  1. Android!
    I don’t drink pop.
    I love all smiles regardless of direction.
    I can’t wear contacts. Bummer
    If my husband puts the TP under I’ll lose my mind.

    These questions aren’t for a focus group, right?


  2. When it comes to toilet paper and paper towels, over. Always over. Never under. Why oh why can’t I make the men in my family see this?…


  3. Over. Always over.


  4. Apple. It’s healthier.
    Coke. Classic.
    Mac. Goes better with cheese.
    Both left and right smiley. I’m an equal opportunity smiler.
    Glasses. Because boys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses.
    Over. Unless you like to do things ass backwards.


  5. Apple please
    Coke or diet coke
    Windows for work, Mac for home
    All smiles are bueno
    Mostly contacts but I love all my glasses also because Prada
    Toilet paper: ALWAYS over. This should not even be a question!

    I LOVE choices! I’m not a fan of rotting pineapples, or the thought of losing Hollywood to the smell of them…


  6. Android, no, Windows, all, glasses and…..over!

    Happy Saturday!


  7. Android, Coke, Windows, :), Glasses (why did I put glasses in caps??) and over because under is just… no.


  8. Android for phones, Apple for tablets. Coke (does ANYONE choose to drink Pepsi). Windows. Glasses… but actually Lasik.


  9. Apple, coke zero, windows, all smileys, glasses and over of course.


  10. Apple, Coke, probably Mac but I don’t have one, right, contacts, under. That about sums it up! And cats over dogs. I’ll add that one just because cats rule.


  11. I wasn’t clear whether you wanted us to pick from the choices, or just let you know the ones where we were pleased that there WAS a choice, I thought it was the latter, but everyone else has gone for the former, so I obviously got that TOTALLY wrong. I have learned something here though, I never realised a smiley could be done in either direction! It’s so obvious now though.


  12. I know I’m no spring chicken anymore, but when did Pepsi go out and get pac-man drunk and take incriminating photos?
    Coke from a glass bottle


  13. Android, Coors, Windows, I don’t smile, neither, and over… always over. Plus, I hope California is overcome by rotting pineapple stench. Except for Mike, because he’s cool.


  14. Everything on the left, because left rocks!


  15. I already forgot the questions! Um, Windows, Coke, :), that’s all I got. I’m lazy.


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