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LAP Featured on WordPress News

In case you missed it:

For the first time ever, this is not a spoof news announcement:

The entire LAP cast was featured on WordPress News, so please join us for an insightful interview into the underworkings and underwears of of this marvelously disorganized humor mag of sorts!

CLICK HERE to read the full interview

We will also be offering a very simple complimentary breakfast buffet for our guests, which will consist of Coffee and bagels, and also muffins if you prefer.  We also have cream cheese for you bagel buffs.

Oh yeah, and we also have whole grain cereal and oatmeal, and a toast selection for the fiber people, and flapjacks with chocolate chips and/or blueberries, and a variety of high-grade maple syrups to choose from.

Oops!  Almost forgot to mention the poached eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs , the grits, the standard bacon, turkey bacon and Canadian bacon, the sausage links, the Kobe beef sausage sampler (haven’t tried it yet, but sounds pretty good), and the imported tropical fruit spread that came from some warm island, too.

Waffles!  Forgot to mention the waffles with powdered sugar and strawberry toppings.  How could I forget about the waffles?  Oh yes, geez, and there will also be orange juice, mango juice, papaya juice, cranberry juice, Juicy Juice, Banana juice, some green juice stuff that looks gross so probably don’t try that one, and also spring water with ice and straws, and those little umbrella toothpick things (…if you want to look important while you’re eating).

Big-breakfast (1)

Tea, goat cheese and croissants too. And cinnamon buns. There might be something else I’m forgetting here…

If that isn’t an incentive to join us this morning, then you probably hate the shit of breakfast.

Hope to see you there!  \m/

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10 Comments on LAP Featured on WordPress News

  1. The interview must have taken place before you knotheads let me do a Guest Post. Bwahahahahaha! Suckers! 😀


  2. We got the green juice? I love that stuff, but can’t explain why.


  3. All I need is bacon. Oh, and beer. That’s pretty much it.


  4. Bruce Goodman // April 1, 2014 at 2:12 pm //

    Well done, but I refuse to be in the same room as grits.


    • Thank you and welcome, Mr. Bruce Goodman. My internet casa es your internet casa. Take your shoes off, and I don’t blame you with the grits. It looks like baby vom. YUMmmmy..\m/


  5. You lucky bastards.
    Nice work.


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