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The Subliminal Meaning Behind Inspirational Pinterest Posters

We try to keep things light and airy around here, and we do that by telling fart jokes, pulling the occasional rubber chicken prank on De Voss, and by maintaining a positive outlook.  In no way, shape or form, does maintaining a positive outlook involve gluing transparent inspirational posters all over our social media pages.

The consensus is unanimous at the LAP offices that these posters are not a proclamation of one’s current positive mindset, but instead, a desperate cry for help.  Either that, or a passive aggressive dig against somebody on the friend list.  Most likely an ex.

That got us to thinking about what exactly is going on in this person’s life that has caused such a massive leap from sloppy-drunk and depressed, to the self-actualization stage over night?  You’re not fooling us.  This is a time of great turbulence, and the smoke signals being sent out from some deserted social media island appear to be carrying subliminal messages.

Let’s try and decode a few:

1.)  Mr. Brightside

anti depressants

Translation:  “I almost punched an Old Lady at the grocery store today because she stole the last bottle of Hidden Valley Zesty Italian dressing.  But I’m good now.  I bought ranch instead.”

2.)  Optimism – Pass it On

be strong

Translation:  “It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon and I’m still job-hunting in my pajamas.”

3.)  Insubordinate Issues


Translation:  “I got fired again today and told that I have’anger issues’.  According to my boss, I need to learn how to better control my emotional outbursts.  But he was a dickhead, so piss on that guy.”

4.)  Sinner

don't judge

Translation:  “I’m a whore and a pathological liar.  I also ran over a squirrel this morning on the way to work kind of on purpose.”

5.)  Hung Up


Translation:  “I’m sniffing my ex’s boxers that I stole from him three years ago.  But I think that’s normal.  I should be over the habit in a couple more years.”

6.)  Somebody Stop Me

get inspired

Translation:  “I cannot stop fucking up.  This is getting out of control.”

7.)  Shining Star

glass cage of emotion

Translation:  “I might have to call a hotline if this doesn’t get at least 5 “likes”.”

8.)  God Knows me Better than You


Translation:  (See translation #4)

9.)  Something Good for a Change

good things

Translation:  “I’m pretty lucky to not have to pay rent at my parents’ house.  And they’re right anyways, a lot of people live at home until they retire…Right?”

10.)  Sincerely, Anonymous

hold me

Translation:  “I’m getting pretty good at writing these things.  I’m also in a glass cage of emotion right now.”

11.)  Let’s Be Friends Again, but I Still Hate You

How other people treat you


12.)  Letting Go

hung up

Translation:  “My boyfriend/girlfriend just dumped the shit out of me.”

13.)  A Big Heart

I'm full of shit

Translation:  “I needy you.”

14.)  Friends

no friends

Translation:  “I very desperately need some friends right now…”

15.)  Friends Part II

nobody likes me

Translation:  “I am a complete asshole, and everybody is starting to realize that now.”

16.)  Dating Games

one day

Translation:  “I haven’t been on a date in like, 12 years.”

17.)  You Can Do It


Translation:  “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.  I’ll definitely be ready by tomorrow.  Cheetos.”

18.)  That’s all it Takes


Translation:  “It’s pretty rare when I learn from a mistake, and I’m extremely bitter about the past.”

19.)  Happy Pills


Translation:  “I have so many problems right now.  SO so many problems.”

20.)  Resolutions

someone please inspire me

Translation:  “It’s only January 5th and my New Years resolution has already fallen apart.”

21.)  Any Takers?

strong people

Translation:  “Desperately seeking a shoulder to cry on right now.  Any takers?”

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65 Comments on The Subliminal Meaning Behind Inspirational Pinterest Posters

  1. NotAPunkRocker // March 28, 2014 at 7:11 am //

    I try to read these things like I do with fortune cookies…just add “in bed” at the end of each one. Though, that would make #10 extremely painful, I think.


  2. This is hilarious! I hate inspirational messages.


    • Thank you! I thought it was funny. Some people are not gonna find this funny, but c’mon! Facebook/Pinterest is getting out of hand with this stuff. We must learn how to collectively moderate our false positive better haha. Thanks for reading, ABBI! \m/


  3. so glad you have translated these for me. please teach a class in it.


  4. My favorite: “I’d prefer a bottle in front of me to a frontal lobotomy.”


  5. Everyone one of those posters had a positive impact on me. I, um, laughed at them all because they’re stupid.


  6. I totally stole #9 for one of my Pinterest boards just now. Not even joking.


  7. Sorry for the self-plug here (well I’m not that sorry or I wouldn’t be doing it), but I wrote a post a while back about those supposedly inspirational quotes where I showed how easy it is to make up your own and make them sound real even though they are totally meaningless! –


    • We’re on the same page. I went back and read it, and I remember it now! I totally forgot about it, and now I feel like I owe you some kind of an infringement settlement or something. Please don’t sue me. By the way, that picture on the main page is trippy as hell. If that letter person walked up to me I would definitely run away from it terrified. “Get away! Get away from me creepy letter person! Don’t touch me!”



  8. whiteladyinthehood // March 28, 2014 at 11:34 am //



  9. After reading this, I just realized half my Facebook friends are lonely losers.


  10. Yep, I’m inspired. To do what, I don’t know, but definitely feeling inspired.


  11. Yeah, you’re pretty much on target. Fucking hysterical… because it’s true.


  12. I am so sick of those damn things popping up ALL OF THE TIME on the evil that is Facebook, every time I see one I consider deactivating my account.

    But then…Chuck Norris.


    • Chuck Norris just high fived you so hard just now. He was all like, “fuck yeah! Me too!” And then I was all like, “fuck yeah me too!” And then he was all like, “ok we should stop high giving before I break your hand!” And then I was like, “ok, yeah I need that for typing and stuff.” And then he was like, “Alright, later, man. Fuck those posters too.”


  13. This is why I have very few Facebook friends. lol they made me laugh…..


  14. You can cry on my shoulder. There, there.


  15. The road less taken: Be the bad example no one wants to follow. 🙂

    I doubt there’s a single one of us who hasn’t resembled your remarks at least once in life.


  16. These things are par for the course on Pinterest, which my husband lovingly refers to as “Tumblr for middle-aged white women who are too cheap to pay for therapy.” But when they start to creep into my Facebook feed is when I get annoyed. Funny stuff, Adam ;D


    • Your hubby’s quote there was funnier than anything I wrote — I think I gotta write that one down. I’ll ask for copyright permissions whenever I use it though, no worries! Thanks for the laugh, Emily. Remember today’s mantra: ooooohhhhhhhhmmmm\m/


  17. I actually don’t see this stuff on Pinterest. Possibly because I’m perennially stuck on the Women’s Fashion board. I see it all the time on Facebook, however. Mostly from the same people whom you know are deeply, deeply troubled.


    • I’m in trouble right now, but I don’t post them? I’m floored that you don’t see these on Pinterest. They are the foundation of that site. That, and recipes, and pictures of animals and beautiful people..


  18. luckily I’m not a pinterest subscriber – I’d be vomiting continually. But I am a fan of Despair, Inc (


  19. Perfect!! My facebook feed is full of them and I’m terribly sick of them.


  20. I can’t argue with any of these. They are pretty annoying but I may appreciate them now that I know what they really mean.


  21. Reblogged this on Wake the Circumstance and commented:
    I came across this as I was browsing through after creating a new blog site and think its kinda funny. Not exactly like funny “haha”; but funny in a way that some can think so outside of the box that you tend to wonder…Where does the phrase about the glass being half full or half empty begin or end???
    OHHH lardy! I just confirmed my point in this post didn’t I?


  22. Pinterest needs more boobs. ‘Nuff said.


  23. i got invitations to some popular boards with quite nice posters, pinpromote i think it was called


  24. Now I am ready to do my breakfast, afterward having my breakfast coming over again to read additional news The Subliminal Meaning Behind Inspirational Pinterest Posters .


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