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The Saturday Six: Pixar’s Take On R – Rated Movies

saturday 6

There is this guy named Josh Cooley who works for a really cool company called Pixar Animation.  They make award winning, multi-million dollar grossing animated features about finding lost fish,  toys coming to life,  talking cars, a little robot that finds love while collecting trash, which has turned Pixar into one of the most successful film companies of all time.

Cooley has decided in his spare time from making movies my children want to buy all the merchandise too, to write a parody children’s book for grown ups featuring the best scenes from classic R – Rated movies.

The best thing about this? It has the classic Pixar look to the most memorable scenes of classic movies that would scar a seven year old into $50,000 worth of therapy….turning him into a beard wearing, Starbucks grande-drinking, sock burning, online Humor magazine hating, yuppie hipster Honda Civic driving waiter.


Thank goodness we have only two seven year old subscribers. Those two should not scroll below…for the rest of you…enjoy.

1.  Die Hard


2.  Psycho


3.  Pulp Fiction


4.  Seven


5.  The Shining


6.  Jaws




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46 Comments on The Saturday Six: Pixar’s Take On R – Rated Movies

  1. Do not look in the box!

    Say hello to my little friend!

    Hope you have a good Saturday.


  2. Ha, these are great. I just rewatched Seven last weekend. Hadn’t seen it since the mid-90s when it first came out. Still, I can’t believe I had forgotten that ending. Not sure how that’s possible. Creepy.


  3. What I liked best is that the examples were some of the darkest moments in film…done in the Pixar animation format would just make them even more disturbing, which happens to appeal to me, but then again a great deal of my childhood resembled The Shining….


    • Sorry to hear that…or is the better response…great to hear that…


      • Well, I loved the post…and it was interesting growing up the way I did, (if you consider the Chinese curse: “may you be born into interesting times”). Then again, I don’t weave my beard, drive a Civic, or work at a Starbucks, so I guess life is good. It takes a lot to rattle my cage.


  4. I think you just listed almost all of my all-time favorite movies! This is great! I love how the verbiage was child-like too even though it was based off those scenes.


  5. NotAPunkRocker // March 1, 2014 at 1:26 pm //

    I love the one from “A Clockwork Orange”.

    Writing out the instrumental sounds from “Psycho”? Perfect!


  6. Fantastic as always Christopher! Loved your movie choices~


  7. Cool, Chris. I love all these movies. Makes me want to have a movie marathon!


  8. That’s quite the character you’ve described in paragraph 3. 🙂

    #2 is especially good.


  9. “You’re gonna need a bigger a boat.”
    I found out recently that line was ad-libbed by Scheider when he saw the Jaws shark the first time in that scene. And I love the illustration on this post! I need to have all of them.


  10. these are so great! and hope he does – taxi driver ‘ are you talkin’ to me?!’


  11. I can think of a thousand scenes from film that need to be in this format


  12. Those are bloody awesome. And great flicks too.


  13. These are brilliant! Some of the best movies…ever! The twins saying, “Forever, and ever, and ever”, that one is perfection.


  14. Jaws still scares the bejesus out of me. Dum, dum, dum……….


  15. Love the Seven one. I think I’d probably still find Pixar Gwyneth Paltrow annoying.


  16. This was magnificently wrong.


  17. Luke, I am your father…


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