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The Saturday Six: Funny Pie Charts

saturday 6

What’s better than pie charts?

Pie, of course!

Once upon a time at the LAP Thanksgiving dinner there was, or what we thought was,  a big, beautiful pumpkin pie.  Our taste were set and waiting to taste that delicious pumpkin pie.

We waited.

And waited.

And sat through football…

And sat through dinner…

And sat through Grandma’s stories about the goiter she had removed from her butt…

Finally it was time for pie.  So, we cut ourselves a nice big slice, loaded it up with whipped cream, and stuck a big forkful into the hole only to spit it out in disgust!

It wasn’t even pumpkin pie! It was sweet potato pie!

Now, there is nothing wrong with sweet potato pie, unless it had disguised itself as a pumpkin pie.

Stupid sweet potato pie.

Needless to say, our neighbors whom had brought the sweet potato pie where not pleased. But it’s okay, because we took them down to the local Village Inn and had a laugh, followed by a slice of pumpkin pie, and they had some coffee and glared at us.


This week’s Saturday Six: Funny Pie Charts.


1.  What it Means When Your Lights Flicker:

Flickering lights 1

Stupid demons again…

2.  Reasons Why Scooby Doo Villains are Arrested:

Villians in Scooby Doo 2

We demand a recount on this statistic.

3.)  Most Commonly Used Infomercial Phrases:

Vocabulary in Infomercials 3

Yes, go on.

4.)  Reasons Why You’re Gay:

Reasons for Being Gay

Ok, but what happens when you’re gay and you also forget to log out of your Facebook account?

5.)  Breakdown of Miss Universe Pageant Winners by Planet:

Miss Universe 5

You said ‘Uranus’.

6.)  The Most Common Reasons Why Men Use Tape Measures:

Man's tape measure usage 6

This is true, this is true.


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48 Comments on The Saturday Six: Funny Pie Charts

  1. This has made my day… Thank you!


  2. I really enjoyed reading this! Perfect way to start out a long day! Thanks for posting.


  3. Wow, goiters in butts. I think I missed that one in my medical texts. Sounds unpleasant. 😉


  4. I knew it! I KNEW that about the tape measure chart. Thank you for confirming my suspicions. Also, I’m in the mood for pumpkin pie now. I wonder if it’s illegal to have pumpkin pie in February.


  5. Carrie beat me to it, but Grandma’s butt goiter stories are the worst. Village Inn makes a good pie. Very funny Saturday Six. #5 made me snort.


  6. Re: Miss Universe
    To be fair, Mars does lead all other planets in Redness.


  7. A colorful and round post. My favorite kind.
    Square posts are so yesterday.


  8. I know someday aliens will show up and demand to know why they weren’t invited to the Miss Universe competition. And let us know that such an ugly species would never hope to win again.


  9. There are rumours that the Mars Rover will be competing in the Miss Universe Pageant next year. Earthlings don’t stand a chance.


  10. Ha! Always funny! Wait til we start having inter-galactic beauty pageants. Bet that allocation changes. When I was 10, we lived with my grandma. One day she made this huge pot of what I thought were mashed potatoes. I loved mashed potatoes and I couldn’t wait for dinner. Dinner came and I took this huge spoonful…because, yum! The pleasure quickly faded with a bitter taste. They were actually mashed turnips. I had to finish them because they were on my plate. I couldn’t wait to move.


  11. NotAPunkRocker // February 8, 2014 at 11:10 am //

    You would think Venus would have the lock on the Miss Universe competition.

    Pie charts are much cooler than scatter charts.


  12. Nah, we’re even. Our expectations were dashed. Funny how you expected pumpkin pie and ended up with potatoes. I expected potatoes and ended up with turnips. Hope you have a good Saturday!


  13. So funny, Chris! I thought I had demons in my car. Yep, you settled that for me.


  14. Very funny pie story. I’ve actually had the same experience – without the neighbors, and without the local Village Inn, and no glaring. But still the same experience.

    My husband said pie chart number six is a given. 😉


  15. Revolutionary! These are priceless. I’m glad the issue about the Scooby Doo villains is settled. Must be why I never liked to dress up at Halloween…always afraid I’d get arrested for my costume instead of the tricks which involved minor vandalism.


  16. It’s not just men who do the tape measure thing. I mean, the thing about seeing when it will collapse. It probably is just men who do that other thing.


  17. They have to change the color of sweet potato pie, I’m tired of being tricked.


  18. Love pie! Especially pumpkin pie!


  19. After I had delivered my daughter, they brought me this tray of food in the hospital. I thought there was a nice little pile of mashed potatoes which turned out to be parsnips! Not nice after 36 hours of labor!


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