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The Saturday Six: Ridiculous Craigslist Ads

saturday 6

Welcome to the very first weekly installment of the Saturday Six!  Please join us every Saturday morning for a list of six strange and funny items.  We like strange and funny items.  We hope you are cut from the same shoe lace, whatever that means…

Happy Saturday!


1.  No Washing Machine Included

sat six one

2.  E.T. Phone Home

sat six two

3.  Sex and Death Metal

sat six three

4.  Saved by the Yell

sat six four

5.  Better Brush up on your Animals

best of craigslist : CAT FOUND!

6.  Homo-sapiens Need Not Apply

sat six six


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46 Comments on The Saturday Six: Ridiculous Craigslist Ads

  1. I’m pretty sure that’s my cat. I thought he was dead so I threw him out. Guess he wasn’t. I don’t want him back.


  2. I have a theory: Just like it is purported that IQ drops when one gets behind the wheel, I am coming to believe that IQ also drops when one gets on the information superhighway. These are some fine examples…


  3. Gremlins are back? People are feeding them? Shit!


  4. I know some people that would eat that “cat” with some fat back and gopher gravy.


  5. NotAPunkRocker // January 18, 2014 at 6:31 pm //

    Number 4 sounds like a bad porn opening… “as you rode away on my best friend”


  6. i’ll take 3 of the snuggles, if i can get a break on the price of the death capsule one?


  7. I have never read a craigs list ad before. Now I know what I’m missing. Cripes. I had to laugh at the ‘cat’ one though. I had one of those cats in my backyard once when I lived in Texas. My dog didn’t approve.


  8. Oh, gosh, I guess I’m not the pervert I always thought I was–what’s “NSA fun” (from #3)? I’d Google, but I’m afraid that the National Security Agency is monitoring my web searches–oh, is it that NSA? Does he expect me to get naked and spy on electronic transmissions for the United States government with him? That doesn’t sound like fun.


  9. These people are wackos! Number 4 is my fav. Number 6, yikes, what a nightmare. This is a good way to research horrific characters.


  10. Sometimes I feel like I’m really out of the loop in the online world. This is one of those times. Thank you for introducing me to the world that is Craigslist. I think.


  11. Here kitty kitty! Nice kitty…OUCH!


  12. I like number 1, I’ve never owned a snuggie and would like to, just a thought.


  13. Love number 4! It almost sounds pornographic…


  14. You are amazing. And I am amazed you worked boobs into even this type of post.

    Tip of the fedora, sir.


  15. These are not real. Tell me these are not real. Peeple are stoopid.


  16. I have seriously just missed out on some excellent roommate opportunities.


  17. I wonder if the buyer could use the deceased snuggie user as a tool to get rid of an unwanted house guest. “I’d love to have you stay, but the only bedding I have is this snuggie someone died in. Will that be a problem?”


  18. I have a headache, I’ve been shaking my head so hard…


  19. I snorted my coffee. Thanks!


  20. Reblogged this on Life Is Sarcasm and commented:
    Stealing … er borrowing more brilliant humor. Follow this guy or stalk him but def read his posts. They don’t get much better.


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