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Publicity Stunt

Adam and Maddie made a baseball bet, using their blogs as pink slips. Now I don’t watch baseball, but I do know the golden rule of always bet on black, so I’m assuming Adam’s team was the 1919 Chicago Black Soxs. In any event Adam knocks it out of the park with a little LAP promotion….and a big thank you to Maddie Cochere as well, for the love and support. (No blimps were harmed in the writing of this post.)

Breezy Books


Christopher De Voss. Nice guy who writes some pretty cool stories and makes me laugh with his blog. I’m a fan since June of 2012.

Are you wondering why I’m mentioning him, when I’m supposed to be yammering about Adam Sendek? (Baseball bet. I lose. Talk about Adam for a week.)

Because Christopher started a new humor blog last July, and I want to highlight it today. It’s Long Awkward Pause, and it’s billed as a Humor Mag of Sorts…  “This is a humor magazine devoted to answering your questions or writing on the topics you, our dear readers would like to read.”

They have a very cool feature, TALK TO US HERE, where you can make requests (or leave comments or complaints or just say hi). Fill out the form, and voilà, one of their writers will cover your request in a post.

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