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Ask the Staff: A Question for Chowderhead


Occasionally we will get probing questions from our readers for the staff to answer.

Occasionally we don’t.

This could or could not be one of those occasions.

You decide which.




Question for Chowderhead:

Ok we had a question dropped in the box the other day that has be absolutely stumped.  The question comes from a dude by the name of Leroy.  Sounds shady.  I only know one dude named Leroy and he got busted for doing some really bad stuff.  And by “bad stuff”, I mean he’s got a tear tattooed on his cheek…

The question:

“Credible individuals. As there are not spread all kinds of disciplines.,”

Geez, what’s the matter, you couldn’t think up an income tax question off the top of your head?  I don’t have clue what that’s supposed to mean.  I might as well throw a dart at my cereal cabinet and read you the label on the back of whatever box it hits.

Wait a minute!  Maybe this question was written in another language, and our pal Leroy here used that Google Translator thingy to create an English sentence!

Let’s try this:

We’ll first assume that Leroy is French since recent poll studies have shown that most of our readers come from France, so what I’ll do is plug this question into the translator and then attempt to back translate it.  Maybe that will give us a little bit more to work with here.

So here it is translated into French: 

“Personnes crédibles. Comme il ne sont pas réparties de toutes sortes de disciplines”

Now, let’s try back translating it into English again:

“Credible people. As they are not distributed all kinds of disciplines”

*Mops brow*

Ok, let’s try to do it one more time.  We’re getting closer.

Here it is in French back-back translated:

Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir

Wait a minute…

That’s the fucking chorus of Lady Marmalade…

Translated into English: 

“Would you sleep with me tonight”

Alright, hit the bricks you PERV!

*shouting down the office hallway*

Gantz!  No more questions from anybody named Leroy!!

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27 Comments on Ask the Staff: A Question for Chowderhead

  1. You’re like a blogging detective! Good work!


  2. Maybe Leroy’s last name is Brown. I’ve had experiences with him before. He’s the baddest man in the whole damn town. I think he’s from the south side of Chicago.


  3. It’s hard to fault Leroy for his pass. Chowderhead is a sexy beast, after all.


  4. Who would have thought such a deep sounding thought would have translated to a Lady Marmalade verse? Go Google translate.


  5. Be careful about spreading your disciplines.


  6. I’m glad you went with translation instead of methods of discipline. And a fine translating job you did, too. I’m writing tonight, and I needed a first name for a bar owner. Thanks to your post, I dropped the name Leroy on him.


    • Me too, Maddie – I’m glad to have gotten to the bottom of this seemingly unsolvable riddle. These people are real sick sometimes!

      P.S. I hope your fictional bar owner is ok.


  7. I’ve never trusted Leroys, tear tattoo or not. I’m starting to put Howards in the same category. I take it this is your first gay come-on.


  8. my names Luanna…since there are few with that name I hope they are relatively normal


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