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Long Awkward Pause Takes On An Interview With A Halloween Celebrity

Howard Gantz, manager here.

Halloween is upon us which means candy, little children in adorable costumes and grown women in slutty costumes…

Oh, how I love Halloween!

Here is an idea…why not dress up as your favorite L.A.P. columnist? You will be the hit of the neighborhood! Trust me!

“You are dressed as BrainRants! Here is four candies! …. And you are Omawarisan…I love your hat! Here is four candies! …. And you are Monk Monkey! Here is two candies!”

This week Omawarisan, Cordelia, Justin, and Blogdramedy interview some very creepy and/or beloved Halloween themed celebrities. This should be really fun!

Don’t forget to check out our L.A.P. Halloween merchandise in the store and have a safe and spooky, yet slutty Halloween.

Also, some exciting news. L.A.P. will be undergoing an exciting new format change for November. Don’t worry all your favorite writers are still here…and I guess on that same token if there is any writers you hate, they are still here too.

More on that later.

Howard Gantz, manager.

About Howard Gantz, Manager (11 Articles)
Howard Gantz, Manager of Long Awkward Pause here. My credentials include managing the super boy band 98 Back Sync and Ron Howard’s second cousin, Doogie Howard. My father is Richard Gantz, owner of the Gantz T-Shirt Factory.

7 Comments on Long Awkward Pause Takes On An Interview With A Halloween Celebrity

  1. Oh, Howard. I like how you crack your whip.


  2. Everyone else got candy. I got a rock.


  3. I applaud those who choose to look like me. Real devotion starts with the razor, peeling the head clean…


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