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Anatomy Of A Picture Prompt

The Picture Prompt. A staple of bloggers everywhere.

For non-bloggers the concept is easy:

  1. Take a picture, any picture, of anything.
  2.  Write about it.

Types of Picture Prompts you could write:

  1. A Story
  2. An Epic Poem Like The Illad
  3. A Hundred Word Story
  4. A Song
  5. An Essay
  6. A Novella
  7. A List

Side Note: I don’t understand the hundred word story. Is it the challenge of trying to squeeze something coherent in as few words as possible? Sort of like a hair metal song?

Sexy Side Note: I have a picture prompt tattooed on my right calf and a hundred word story tattooed on my left.

For my Picture Prompt, I was given this:


And I have decided to do my picture prompt in Haiku Form:

Sex On The Couch

Is Much More Fun Without The

Acid Cushion Seat


Skeletons Do Not

Make Good Company Or Even

Really Good Porn Stars


I Waited Forever

For You To Take Off Your Clothes

Is It Cold In Here?


If You Look Closely

You Can Almost See Nipple

No Vagina Though


Skeletons Can Not

Produce Erections In Their

Empty Boner Holes



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25 Comments on Anatomy Of A Picture Prompt

  1. Meanwhile, Rants’ diet continues to produce mixed results…


  2. Ah, the self-portrait post. Classic. *grin*


  3. Empty Boner Holes


  4. You and my teenage sons should collaborate. With phrases like ‘Empty Boner Holes,’ they would think you the Walt Whitman of their generation…


  5. i love how you ended with a zinger!


  6. The picture reminds me of a cartoon I saw in an early 1970’s feminist newsletter. It had a picture of a skeleton laying next to a woman. The caption? “He told me to eat him, so I did.”


  7. I feel hot and cold all at the same time, Chris. I can’t explain it! A perfect ending. She sure seems happy about something.


  8. As I gaze on you
    Jealousy begins to swell
    starvation starts now


  9. Just popped into my head: “Hey, baby… why not scoot closer? I’ve got a nice bone for you…”


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