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Long Awkward Pause Takes On Hollywood Remakes


Howard Ganz here, manager of Long Awkward Pause, and I’m excited to introduce this week’s topic:

Hollywood Remakes!

It was sent in to us from Anonymous and reads;

“Discuss Hollywood’s penchant for remaking movies or “rebooting” every goddam thing under the sun.”

I don’t know where the name Anonymous comes from…maybe it’s Greek?




Anyway this person must be a big deal because they have no last name just like Madonna, Pink, Sting, and Lassie.

You know what would be funny? If Hollywood remade the same movie for like 5 years in a row! A really bad movie like Heaven’s Gate, Showgirls, or Batman and Robin! But in every remake Ben Afflick is in it, playing different parts.

Mind Blown!

Maybe I should leave the musings up to the team…

Starting tomorrow, join Mike, Owamwarisan, Cordelia, and Blogdramedy as Long Awkward Pause takes on Hollywood Remakes!
We need topics and questions for October! There are two slots still available! Submit your idea here! Do it!
Howard Gantz, manager.
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Howard Gantz, Manager of Long Awkward Pause here. My credentials include managing the super boy band 98 Back Sync and Ron Howard’s second cousin, Doogie Howard. My father is Richard Gantz, owner of the Gantz T-Shirt Factory.

14 Comments on Long Awkward Pause Takes On Hollywood Remakes

  1. Kid versions of everything. Blue brothers, Animal House, Star Wars etc….also old TV shows, Happy Days etc….with just kids not actors. Reality show that follows schools or neighborhoods and monitor violence or drug use like a documentary not scripted. No more Honey BooBoo


  2. Howard, you need to learn how to check IP addresses.


  3. Chris didn’t include the word “penchant” in his advance script. I’ve already written my post and now I have to do a remake. I have a penchant for a raise.

    Who’s Owamwarisan? Is he any relation to Omawarisan? His cousin perhaps? *snort*


  4. Father sends son to Earth. Son grows up with farm couple. Son wears a suit with a cape. Ho hum, blah, meh, whatever you want to call it, if Superman is a remake one more time, I think I’m going to barf.

    There’s a big difference between a story where the only limit is your imagination, and a story told with the same tired structure..

    Star Trek is different. I was a teenager watching the first Star Trek on a B&W TV in the mid 1960’s. Next generation was meh. Movies II and IV were great, but I have to say that the last 2 movies were THE BEST! That’s the difference between a remake and a revitalization.

    Do you think the key here is that Ben “Affect” wasn’t in them?.


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