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Tickets Still Available!

Howard Gantz, manager here! Just a quick update! There are tickets still available for the end of September and the beginning of October for the L.A.P tour! The November show is sold out, sorry!

Hope to see you there! Buy a shirt!


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Howard Gantz, Manager of Long Awkward Pause here. My credentials include managing the super boy band 98 Back Sync and Ron Howard’s second cousin, Doogie Howard. My father is Richard Gantz, owner of the Gantz T-Shirt Factory.

14 Comments on Tickets Still Available!

  1. Wait. What? You’re heading to Finland and not planning to cop a squat in LAPland?


  2. What about Shitknuckle, Ohio?


  3. Do I ever want to get on a plane to England right now!


  4. I’m so geared up for Middlefart!!


  5. Blowhard is really nice. I suggest visiting Blowhard spit to see the swallows.


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